I Hate Products, She Hates People – Windows Weekly 654

Posted on January 9, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 7 Comments

Mikah, Mary Jo, and Paul discuss Windows in 2020, Microsoft in the 2010s, CES 2020, the Windows 7 end game, and much more.

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Tips and picks

Tip of the week: Game Pass is still one of the best deals in gaming

Microsoft just announced the console and PC titles coming to Xbox Game Pass this month, and this is a good reminder that Game Pass is a great deal, and is the future of gaming.

Plus: A quick update on Microsoft’s Windows Weekly giveaways!

App pick of the week: Vivaldi 2.10, another Chrome alternative

Vivaldi 2.10 brings site compatibility fixes and themes — that first issue is something to consider for Edge too.

Enterprise pick of the week: Windows Server 2008/R2 users: You have an Azure out

Just a reminder if you’re still running Win Server 2008/R2 — free support for which ends on Jan. 14 – you still have an option to keep getting free security updates. The catch: You need to move your workloads to Azure.

Codename pick(s) of the week: Spartan, Anaheim and O’Hare (oh my!)

Do you know your browser codenames? Spartan (the original Edge); Anaheim (Chredge) and … for bonus points..the codename for IE 1.0 — O’Hare.

Beer pick of the week: Evil Twin Even More Jesus

This is a classic Imperial Stout (12%) that isn’t a sweet/pastry stout. It’s chocolately, dark fruit, brown sugar and a little smoky/leathery. It’s great and there are a ton of variants. The original Is still really awesome, though.



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