Windows Weekly 755: Chris Caps the Year

Posted on December 16, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 10 Comments

Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela joins us for an end-to-end recap after Leo, Mary Jo, and Paul discuss the news of the past week.

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No tips and picks this week. Thanks again Chris Capossela for another great show!

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Windows Weekly 755: Chris Caps the Year”

  1. AlexKven

    It's hard to tell where the line should be. Like, if someone tells us what browser they want, should we just honor that? Or do we use the all-important OS experience (that has *suggestions*, definitely not ads) as a pretense for boosting our own browser's numbers with just enough plausible deniability to get away with it? Sometimes it's really just so hard to draw the line on what's best for users (who already told us what their preferred browser is, and used Edge Deflector to make that apply everywhere. Who knows where the line is! Might add well just override users' choice in case Bing doesn't work with Vivaldi, or something like that. It's important to the experience.)

    • mattbg

      I totally get his point that they want in-OS links to open in a predictable browser so that they can control the end-user experience for those OS links. I know some don't buy it, but it makes sense to me, even while I can see why some might not like it.

  2. sykeward

    I always find the hidden gems to be an interesting part of Chris's annual appearance. This time he cited Microsoft's developer-friendly terms for the Windows store (such as developers keeping up to 100% of revenue) that he said he hopes will pressure Apple, Google, Sony, etc to do likewise. I feel like that would carry more weight if Microsoft themselves adopted those same terms for the Xbox store, which they've explicitly said they will not (because the console market is different, mumble mumble...). I wish you pushed him just a little more on that point.

    • retcable

      Don't ever ask that interviewers ask their guests the hard questions that everyone wants to know the answers to, because they will never do that. It just will never happen, it never has and it never will. Why? Because they will never get that guest to ever appear on another show, or they risk the company blacklisting that interviewer and never allowing another representative to go on their show.

      Therefore, Paul and Mary Jo nor anyone else will never ask one of these people about or press them on any serious issue, such as the browser debacle going on right now at Microsoft. It is a very sad and trite statement, but this is just a fact of life.

      • Paul Thurrott

        That's quite the statement given that I did ask him about the Windows 11/Edge controversies and then asked about it again after his first answer.

        We're respectful, but we do ask him uncomfortable questions. And that's one of the things we love about him: he handles whatever we throw at him with grace and class.

        And seriously, what is it exactly that you think he comes on the show for? Why on earth would Microsoft want (or allow) Chris to appear on any show if it was just a place for fans to vent about whatever issues they have about the firm's products? Why would he want that?

        Here's what really happens. Chris comes on the show to discuss what he calls hidden gems---those things that Microsoft did in the past year that he thinks are important but didn't get enough coverage---and to answer our questions. And by the way, that means whatever questions we ask. He has never once asked to see those questions in advance or asked us to not ask certain questions. Again, a class act.

        Your reaction to this is unfair to me, Mary Jo, and Chris. And it's clear you didn't even watch this show.

        Please apologize.

        • james.h.robinson

          I agree with you, Mr. Thurrott.

        • retcable

          I apologize if I offended you, and yes, I did watch the show, I have been a faithful Windows Weekly and viewer/reader for their entire run. I have watched each and every episode.

          You had stated earlier on your daily podcast with Brad when he asked you if you were going to press the subject with him, that your guest was a marketing/PR person and perhaps would not be the best target of serious questioning on the subject of browser-switching, and that is fine, save that grilling for the proper person. I just hope that the "proper person" at some point actually does come on your show and that they are grilled properly on this subject, because I really do fear that at least the EU is going to take it up and actually do something like they did a few years ago. Microsoft needs to be put on notice that this is not good and will not end well the second time. I will be awaiting that appearance on your show.

  3. christianwilson

    Thanks, Paul. I enjoyed this year's visit from Chris. I wish he stuck around a little longer, though it was made clear he had a tight schedule. It is great he made time for this interview.

    One thing I appreciated was his answer about having a paid subscription to remove ads from Windows (even if they are for lack of better word "house ads"). They have considered that idea but it sounds like they'd rather figure out a way to make it less bothersome for people. I hope they get there. Producing a product that has to fit the needs of over a billion people is no easy task and big companies aren't exactly built to be nimble.

  4. brettscoast

    This was an excellent episode of WW. You discussed the most pressing issues facing users right now and you don't shy away from that and you have no hesitation in calling out Microsoft when required. I agree with Paul's comment that Chris Caposella is a class act and makes time to appear on WW given his busy schedule and his perspective on things going on in Microsoft that maybe don't always get the attention they deserve is insightful and relevant. Your questions were on topic and respectful and I believe watchers and listeners of this podcast appreciate that.

  5. adamhays

    Great episode. I really wish I could answer questions like Chris does.

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