Windows Weekly 792: Arbiter of Lies

Posted on September 1, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 2 Comments

Leo, Mary Jo, and I discuss an ex-Microsoftie’s take on Windows 11, AMD’s new desktop chips, Microsoft 365, cloud, Xbox, and much more.

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Tips and picks

App pick of the week: ImageGlass

ImageGlass is a free, lightweight image viewer for Windows. Use it to replace Photos, which rarely works properly. Thanks to Kevin Lloyd for the tip on Twitter.

App pick of the week #2: NextDNS

I’ve been testing NextDNS for the past 10 days-ish and it supplies the anti-tracking functionality I’m looking for. But you probably don’t need this for your PCs…

Tip of the week: First, do what you can to protect yourself from trackers

Solutions like NextDNS are great, but there are some basics you should be doing first. Hint: It involves getting a real browser.

Enterprise pick of the week: SelfX

Microsoft MVP Damien Van Robaeys posted on Twitter a link to a tool he developed for IT pros. Called SelfX, this free tool is meant to help users solve their own issues, thus reducing tickets and calls to their support team. Based on the reception this is getting in my Twitter feed, it seems like something a bunch of folks are VERY excited about. Check it out at

Codename pick of the week: CBL-Mariner

Not exactly a codename, but Microsoft’s Common Base Linux Mariner distribution seems to be gaining steam inside the company. The latest group to adopt Mariner Linux is the Creator Platform and Experiences Group (CPE), which is responsible for the Xbox storefronts across PCs, consoles, mobile. CBL-Mariner already is in AKS in Azure Stack HCI, Azure Percept, WSL and PlayFab. Microsoft says: “Gaming security is driving all Microsoft Gaming services to migrate to Mariner as the gold standard Linux OS, with the goal of 100% adoption by the end of the calendar year.” 🤔🤔🤔

Beer pick of the week: Abomination Brewing Drippy Popsicle

Want an orange creamsicle in beer form? Smoothie pastry sour Drippy Popsicle from Abomination Brewing in North Haven, CT, is just the ticket. 5.5% with lots of orange, vanilla beans. It’s an end-of-summer pick perfect for picnics, bbqs and more.