Microsoft Now Selling the Cortana-Powered Thermostat

Posted on August 24, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Smart Home with 15 Comments

Microsoft has started selling Johnson Control’s GLAS smart thermostat on its stores. Johnson Control announced its $319 smart thermostat earlier this year, promising to start taking pre-orders in March. The company only started taking pre-orders for the device recently, and it seems like the firm has started shipping the thermostat.

To recap: Johnson Controls’ GLAS smart thermostat is probably the most beautiful smart thermostat you can get right now. It has an aluminium base with a gorgeous translucent 5.6-inch OLED display on the top that displays the temperature of your room, air quality, and more. Combined with the beautiful hardware is the minimalistic and modern design which makes the thermostat look fantastic. The thermostat runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410E processor, and it’s powered by Windows IoT Core which allows it to utilize Microsoft’s Azure IoT cloud platform as well. It is a truly smart thermostat, so it can tell when you’re home and adjust the temperature accordingly.

GLAS isn’t cheap at $319, but you won’t get to see the same gorgeous design on any other smart thermostat. While the device comes with Cortana built-in, you will be able to use it with Alexa and Google Assistant in order to control the device and your house’s temperature. Of course, you will still need a device with Google Assistant or Alexa, so it’s a bit pointless.

If you are interested, you can get the GLAS from the Microsoft Store here. 

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Comments (15)

15 responses to “Microsoft Now Selling the Cortana-Powered Thermostat”

  1. dcdevito

    It's a bit of a stretch to ask consumers to invest in Cortana based devices at this point.

    • bradster62

      In reply to dcdevito:

      I agree. Cortana. I don't think so. I was hoping for Pandora Support on my Harman Kardan Invoke. Pandora announced Cortana support for the Harman-Kardan Invoke last October. Still nothing.

      • VancouverNinja

        In reply to bradster62:

        We are picking up Invokes as well next week. At $99 it is the best value AI speaker available. If we need anything in particular via Alexa ( we have three Echo 2's we will mothball or give away ) we now can access it through Cortana. Can't go wrong really.

        • gluhman

          In reply to VancouverNinja:

          For the price and the sound quiality the Invoke is a great device. We have not figured out how to integrate Cortana into our daily lives beyond the most basic stuff. As for Alexa integration it works but I would hang onto your Echos for now. Not everything works completely when you access Alexa via Cortana. You still need an Echo to listen to Audible, I would guess there are other items that are missing.

    • VancouverNinja

      In reply to dcdevito:

      Not at all. This works with three voice assistants and brings along an air purity feature not available via any other smart Thermostat. With the final feature that it enhances one's environment based on how gorgeous the thing is.

      I have two Nest thermostats - the service has been horrible via google (bordering on pure stupidity) and they are gone next week when I get our GLAS thermostats. CAN NOT WAIT.

  2. Bats

    How to heck is this "gorgeous?"

    Monica Bellucci is gorgeous. This does not look anything Monica Bellucci. The term "gorgeous" is way overused by tech bloggers.

  3. glenn8878

    I don’t want my thermostat to talk.

  4. Bats one is going to buy this thing. The only people who are going to buy this thing, are the ones who bought the Harman Kardon and are still using their Windows Phones. I remember, when called the Harman Kardon "gorgeous." Funny, because the rest of the world didn't think so. I guess it's true, when they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    No one is going to buy this thing it's because it looks like an alarm clock. Not just that, but it's aesthetically neutral. It probably looks good in a hole that has a modern furniture. Colonial, country, French provincial......heck no?

    • YouWereWarned

      In reply to Bats:

      Actually, no. I am still happily running a trio of Alcatel Idol 4S Windows phones and have a trio of Invokes scattered across the family. But I will NOT pay $319 for a thermostat. Never.

      Besides, once it appears in the MS Store, it's only a matter of months until it is marked down to $99, and then forgotten.

  5. BrickPrinter

    the thing about Johnson Controls is that it is a first class company that supports their products. We used them for 25 years at the factory I managed and they were always there when we needed them. I bet their market is not just consumer, but industrial--such as offices and hotels and factories. I would be willing to bet it will work reliably .

  6. yaddamaster

    I love my invoke and it works great with my android phone. But given Microsoft's inability to promote the thing (it's not even promoted at their own physical stores) I don't see this helping Cortana. I would love for that to happen.....but Microsoft is absolutely incompetent in the consumer space (outside of XBox).

  7. roastedwookie

    :)) Good luck selling it. Why on earth would I pay that much on a thermostat running a JUNK assistant?? Running JUNK Microsoft tech...No way! Nest or Ecobee here I come.

  8. jemsh

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