You Will Soon Be Able to Pre-Order This Beautiful Cortana-Powered Smart Thermostat for $319

Posted on January 4, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Cloud, Windows 10 with 22 Comments


Early last year, Microsoft showed off a smart thermostat powered by Cortana and other Microsoft technologies. Today, the makers of the thermostat, Johnson Controls, are revealing more details for the thermostat, with pre-orders set to open this March for $319.

Johnson Controls’ GLAS smart thermostat is probably the most beautiful smart thermostat you can get right now. It has an aluminium base with a gorgeous translucent 5.6-inch OLED display on the top that displays the temperature of your room, air quality, and more. Combined with the beautiful hardware is the minimalistic and modern design which makes the thermostat look fantastic. The thermostat runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410E processor, and it’s powered by Windows IoT Core which allows it to utilize Microsoft’s Azure IoT cloud platform as well. It is a truly smart thermostat, so it can tell when you’re home and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Using Cortana, you can control the temperature with your voice or use the assistant to perform other tasks like managing your calendar, search the web, etc. GLAS has a dedicated mobile app on Android and iOS that you can use to control the temperature in your house when you are away, and the company is working on a companion app for Windows 10, too.

GLAS pre-orders start this March for $319, you can pre-order one for yourself here.

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Comments (22)

22 responses to “You Will Soon Be Able to Pre-Order This Beautiful Cortana-Powered Smart Thermostat for $319”

  1. webdev511

    This is a beautiful device. If it delivers then it might have the potential to start a wave. Or it could be Windows Phone 7 NoDough all over again.

  2. will

    I am interested, but at the same time skeptical. Microsoft has not had a good track record with getting stuff into Cortana, and just the other day they took a feature set away. While I like this as a first step, my NEST has been doing very good and is easy to manage.

  3. bjoand

    The design is upside-down... by flipping it the amount of dust collecting behind the glass would be a lot less..

    just my 2 cents. :)

  4. WE_Booth

    I will get one if it works with Kinect or Zune.

  5. ponsaelius

    I am sure it will be another "US Only" product that will be cancelled in 12 months due to lack of interest and Microsoft adopting Alexa as it's primary AI.

  6. VancouverNinja

    We are in. For our office and home. Have Nest very unhappy with it.

  7. davidblouin

    would have been sweet six months ago when there where actually costumers still believing in the future of Cortana

  8. Winner

    I can hardly wait to pay $300 for a thermostat I can talk to. And then in 3 years when Cortana service is discontinued, I can put it in the scrap heap along with my Band that is fraying, my Plays for Sure content that doesn't play any more, and those exercise videos I "bought" for XBox that don't work any more.

  9. Bibbit

    Give me the ability to add remote sensors like the ecobee4 and I'll consider it. I have 2 Nests, and like them a lot. But the remote sensor ability of the ecobee3&4 appeal to me a lot. Especially on days like this with frigid temps and high winds. As to Cortana support, I imagine that Johnson Controls could port this to Alexa or Google Assistant if MS drops the ball. That's not to say Johnson will, but I'd be a tad surprised if they aren't alreadyt looking into Alexa and Google Assistant compatability, just like Harmon Kardon did with it's speaker.

  10. ABT

    It's tough to get on board with MS as a company that will support consumer products. If you plan on upgrading to something new and shiney in 18-36 months I guess this pretty device will probably work fine for you. I'm not sure the value proposition is there relative to a simple programable thermostat. If you expect this to be supported for more than a quarter of the life of an HVAC system, history suggests you will probably be disappointed. Zune was supported for about 10 years, support for subsequent products (windows phone/ mobile) appears to be trending in the wrong direction.

  11. JimP

    I was actually thinking of getting a Nest smart thermostat. Now, I'll have to consider this.

    • Tony Barrett

      In reply to JimP:

      Stick with Nest. A far more sensible choice. MS (or Johnson Controls) will pull the rug from under this within 6 months due to poor sales. I'd almost certainly say MS threw some money at them to produce 'something' - they wouldn't have taken the risk themselves.

    • Mestiphal

      In reply to JimP:

      This is Cortana-powered, Cortana is currently being gutted

      • JimP

        In reply to Mestiphal:

        What do you mean by "Cortana is currently being gutted"?

        • prjman

          In reply to JimP: I'll bite on that. Cortana just removed the music recognition feature, with no announcement that it will be replaced at some point in the future. The promised integration with Alexa hasn't happened. There is no mobile presence worth a darn for Cortana.

          MS doesn't support a single consumer facing product, other than Xbox and Surface. When was the last time you saw a mainstream TV advertisement for anything related to Cortana? Ever see Cortana featured on a PC commercial? The Harmon Kardon speaker ever on TV alongside innumerable commercials for Google Home Mini or Alexa? Does anyone ever mention Cortana in the same world as Google, Alexa, or Siri?

          I would have jumped at this product a year ago, when it seemed like MS had a consumer future. Now? They'll have to earn my money.

          • JimP

            In reply to prjman:

            You said, "Cortana just removed the music recognition feature". That's just one feature. That's a far cry from being "gutted".

            BTW, I always thought it was a mistake for MS to consume developer resources to add a feature that you already had with Shazam. Personally, I won't miss it because I never used it.

      • Rob_Wade

        In reply to Mestiphal:
        Exactly. There's no indication that Microsoft will seriously continue Cortana support. Plus, this is just ANOTHER implementation of Cortana. Microsoft REFUSES to figure out a way to fully integrate Cortana across all devices. When you walk in a room with multiple Cortana-enabled devices and make a "Hey, Cortana" request you will be met with multiple responses, usually not the same response, including some "I can't do that right now" thrown in for good measure.

  12. spacein_vader

    Surely sponsored content/direct copy-paste from press releases should be highlighted as such?

  13. PincasX

    It's a great looking device but without support for HomeKit or Google Assistant it is at a distinct disadvantage to it's competitors.

  14. Roger Ramjet

    It would not surprise me if the direct to consumer aspect of this was secondary, and the main target buyer is some corporate facilities manager in high end consumer facing companies, say, Starbucks, Ritz-Carlton, or (never happen), ... Apple Stores :-) . Such a strategy would make a lot of sense for the OEM, Johnson Controls, because they have the type of channel power, and long term service relationships in those places that Nest, Ecobee etc will not have in 20 years. Also, in that vein, a high headline consumer price would help the corporate guy justify the buy when Johnson Controls tells him he can have it in bulk for $200 each. But unless Microsoft significantly ups their game, and soon, the Cortana part of this isn't going anywhere. Nest, Ecobee and other entrants aside there are other strong incumbents, like say, Honeywell in this market, and the obvious response is they build their own AI thermostat, and two guesses as to which are the obvious AI assistants they will put in those to outflank little Cortana over here? Once they do that Johnson Controls will be forced to follow suit (if they even wait that long).