PlayStation Vue Adds Multi-View on Apple TV

Posted on March 18, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Music + Videos, Smart Home with 7 Comments

Sony’s cord-cutting solution now lets you view four different channels at the same time on Apple TV.

“This comes just in time for NCAA March Madness, so you can keep an eye on all the action or mix and match live games with live news or other programs,” Sony vice president Dwayne Benefield announced today. “Multi-view is one of our most popular features on PlayStation 4, so we are thrilled to expand to Apple TV to allow more of our customers to enjoy the feature.”

The multi-view feature is getting better on PS4, too: It now supports real-time program changing and new filters for Sports and News.

There’s no word whether multi-view is coming to other platforms, like Roku or Amazon Fire TV, but I assume it will, at least on the most recent device models.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “PlayStation Vue Adds Multi-View on Apple TV”

  1. lvthunder

    Do people really do this? Or is this just for sports fans?

    • Skolvikings

      In reply to lvthunder:

      When I had PS Vue, I used to do this on my PS4. But as you said, it was to follow multiple games at once. You only get audio from the selected channel, so it wouldn't really make sense to say watch four dramas at once. Maybe to follow multiple news channels during a major event, but I can't really think of a reason aside from sports.

  2. harmjr

    And Comcast still needs you to pay monthly for a set top box? Really!

    • lvthunder

      In reply to harmjr:

      That's most cable companies and yes you do because they need to recoup the cost of the box. Plus they think most people will. I still have to pay Directv an extra fee to see the HD channels.

  3. skane2600

    Back in the late 90s, I got a TV set with dual tuner and picture-in-picture capabilities. It was kinda cool to show off, but once the novelty wore off, I almost never used it. Of course, I wasn't a heavy sports fan.

  4. thea2_

    What is the compression that allows you to view a quad feed?

  5. Tony Barrett

    I can just imagine whole families sitting down, each watching a different stream in one quarter of a TV. Not. Dumb idea really. Even PIP didn't have any real use - this is just pointless.