Google Launches New Nest Smart Home Products

Posted on October 4, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Google, Smart Home with 6 Comments

Google today announced a new wired Nest Doorbell, Nest Wifi Pro Wi-Fi 6E mesh router system, and a redesigned Google Home app. These announcements were expected to happen at Thursday’s hardware event, so perhaps Google wants to focus on Pixel then.

“Today, we’re sharing our latest Nest products and features to help you keep your family safe and secure, stay better connected and make more sustainable choices,” Google vice president Rishi Chandra writes in the announcement post. “We believe smart home devices can make an even bigger impact on people’s lives. And we’re constantly working on new features to do just that.”

Today’s key announcements include:

Nest Doorbell (wired, 2nd gen). Like its predecessor, this new version of the Nest wired doorbell doesn’t need to be charged, and it adds faster, more accurate alerts and can now tell the difference between people, packages, pets, and vehicles. Nest Doorbell (wired, 2nd gen) is available in the U.S. starting today for $179.99.

Nest Wifi Pro router. The latest version of Google’s mesh router system supports tri-band Wi-Fi 6E, providing access to the all-new 6 GHz radio band, with Wi-Fi speeds of up to two times faster than Wi-Fi 6. It uses AI to constantly optimize network traffic, automatically switching bands to avoid congestion, Google says, and can proactively monitor itself, diagnose issues, and fix network problems automatically. It’s also compatible with Thread and Matter hubs. Nest Wifi Pro costs $399.99 for a three-pack that can cover up to 6,600 square feet, a two-pack for $299.99, or a one-pack or $199.99. it will be available October 27, with pre-orders beginning October 4.

Redesigned Google Home app. The Google Home app is used to control over 80,000 different Works with Google Home devices. It includes new customization features, like Favorites and Spaces, a redesigned camera experience, and simpler automation features, with more starters and actions. These new Google Home app experiences will be available first in Public Preview over the next few weeks, Google says.

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