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  • Ask Paul: The Importance of Clean PC

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    Much of my email traffic is from people looking for help, but regardless of that it’s full of mostly positive exchanges. Sometimes, however, I get truly ignorant feedback. This is one of those times. I don’t intend to normally share this kind of email, and I see the “Ask Paul” series as a way to […]

    Lenovo Accepts My Clean PC Challenge

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    In a startling yet overdue announcement, Lenovo said today that it would no longer bundle crapware—for the most part—on any of its PCs. This is exactly what I asked Lenovo to do in the wake of the Superfish fiasco, and I am now calling on the other major PC makers to do the same. Yes, […]

    Tools of the Trade: Ninite

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    Whether you’re using my Clean PC principles or not, after you reinstall Windows, you need to reinstall all of your applications. And while this can be a time-consuming process, you can automate much of it with a handy little utility called Ninite. Looking at my own normal application install-set, what I see are several applications […]

    Clean PC: Use System Backup

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    If you’ve been following along with my Clean PC article series, you know that you can replace your PC maker’s crapware-laden version of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 with a clean version. But if you find that process a bit too arcane, you have other options. Among them is the system image capabilities […]

    Clean PC Walkthrough: Windows 8.1 Ultrabook/2-in-1

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    If you followed my travails in cleaning up a Windows 7-era Ultrabook, then you know that the process was time-consuming and difficult. But if you have a more modern Windows 8.1-based device, your experience could be much, much better based on my initial experiment with such a PC. The phrase “night and day” comes to […]

    Clean PC: Remove Crapware from a New PC

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    It’s one of the biggest downers in personal technology: you buy a new PC, take it home and set it up, and then spend hours investigating and removing the crapware that PC makers put on there. But there’s a better way thanks to a small selection of utilities designed specifically to help remove this space- […]

    Clean PC Walkthrough: Windows 7 Ultrabook

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    In August 2012, I bought the first PC ever sold at the Microsoft Store in Boston. But while that PC was a Signature edition PC and thus cleaner than other PCs of its day, the software preload—Zune, an out of date version of Windows Live Essentials, and more—is outdated today. So I’ve put my Clean […]

    Tools of the Trade: Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

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    Microsoft’s free Windows USB/DVD Download Tool will convert a Windows Setup ISO file into a bootable Setup USB drive or DVD disc. As such, it is a vital and important tool to have handy at all times. What: Windows USB/DVD Download Tool (also known as Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, though it’s not limited to Windows […]

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