Eero Pro 6E First Impressions

My three-node Eero Pro 6E Wi-Fi mesh system arrived today. The first thing I did…


Black Friday Sale, New Tech (Premium)

I’d been waiting on Google’s Black Friday sale to pull the trigger on two personal…


A Wi-Fi Dilemma (Premium)

It’s past time to upgrade my aging Wi-Fi 5 mesh network to something more modern,…


Thinking About Amazon’s Smart Home Ecosystem (Premium)

Every September, Amazon announces a tsunami of new smart home products. But this year was…

Amazon Introduces New, Cheaper Eero With Alexa Integration

Amazon is launching a cheaper Eero device with Alexa integration, and a new API that…

Amazon Digs Deeper Into Smart Home With Its Latest Acquisition

After spending $1 billion on Ring, Amazon snatches another smart home company: Eero.

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