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    First Ring Daily EP 6: Kin You Not

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    It's Thursday and what better time to take a look back at some of the technology of yesterday. On this episode, we look at the ill-fated Microsoft Kin that soured the relationship between Microsoft and Verizon. In addition, we talk about our live show for tomorrow and Gears of War.


    Episode 5: An AI Future

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    At Google's keynote yesterday, they made a big deal about how AI is evolving. In this Episode of First Ring Daily, we talk about the future of AI and how Microsoft, Apple, Google, and even Amazon will play a role in the next era of computing.


    Episode 4: A Day of Google

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    Google held a keynote today where it announced several new devices including a phone and a release date for Google Home; a device that competes with the Amazon Echo. On this episode we cover all of the announcements as well as a few updates to