First Ring Daily 468: Mayo’s Out of the Office 365

Posted on September 4, 2018 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts, Uncategorized with 2 Comments

On today’s episode of First Ring Daily, Brad doesn’t know his condiments, Paul can relate, and Office 365 is having a case of the Mondays.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “First Ring Daily 468: Mayo’s Out of the Office 365”

  1. gregsedwards

    Here's my 2¢ about your ongoing Skype complaints: they seem to be very specific to your use case. I'd wager most people aren't using it to run a podcast, so it's no big deal that it just works the way it works.

    For instance, you talked about being interrupted while you're recording a podcast, and that Skype should suppress incoming IMs with exceptions. I feel like this is something would be better handled at an OS level by Focus Assist, since Skype can't possibly prevent the contact just pinging you via any of a number of other channels anyway. Don't expect people to know or care you're busy; let Windows block those notifications until you're ready to receive them. Focus Assist already handles this quite nicely.

    You've also previously excoriated the modern Skype app (and also your brief foray into Teams) for not providing familiar ways to pop out multiple windows, because your podcast requires sending the video window specifically to XSplit or whatever tool you're using. Again, that's very specific to podcasters. For the vast majority of users, it would be ridiculously convoluted to try to manage a bunch of separate windows. If you disagree, try running a Skype for Business video meeting and then popping out all of the individual panels. It's exactly what you're looking for, and also not a great experience for the average user.

    Teams is brilliant precisely because it threads everything related to the meeting together in one place in real-time. It's awesome to have a chat channel, files, notes, tasks, and a multipoint video call in one UI. It's just not great for podcasting the way you happen to do it.

  2. drjohnnyray

    FYI Duke's Mayo is a very Keto friendly brand our favorite!