Google Photos Gets a Nice Redesign

Posted on June 25, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Uncategorized with 8 Comments

Google has announced a major redesign of Google Photos that will roll out to the mobile apps over the next week.

“Over the past few years[,] we’ve seen that people use Google Photos when they feel nostalgic and want to reminisce,” Google’s David Lieb writes. “Google Photos has become more than just an app to manage your photos, it’s become the home for your life’s memories. And that’s why today, we’re launching a redesigned Google Photos, focused on your memories, to help you find and relive your most treasured moments.”

Here’s what’s new.

Simplified design. The newly redesigned Google Photos uses a new three-tab layout with Photos, Search, and Library pages. Now, your photos and videos are more prominent search comes front-and-center.

Map view. In a long-overdue addition, Google is adding a Map view to Photos so you can “pinch and zoom around the globe to explore photos of your travels, see where you’ve taken the most photos around your hometown, or find that one photo from somewhere on your road trip across the country.” Awesome.

Memories. This feature was introduced last year, but now Memories supports more types of memories, including the best pictures of you and your closest friends and family over the years, trips, and highlights from the last week. Automatic creations like movies, collages, animations, stylized photos and more are moving into Memories now as well.

New icon. Google is even updating the Photos icon with a simplified design as well.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Google Photos Gets a Nice Redesign”

  1. behindmyscreen

    Google Photos is where I send the "free" storage versions of my photos and videos from my phone. I back originals up to iCloud and OneDrive and manage photos via Apple Photos.

  2. Alex Taylor

    Nice enough, but no substitute for being able to sync photos to a PC.

  3. thalter

    How about the ability to colorize black and white photos using AI? This was announced way back in I/O 2018, and it still MIA.

  4. Chris_Kez

    I guess they didn’t get much traction with the Sharing tab.

  5. jupast

    Kinda wish Microsoft would do a proper photos app along these lines, it's not like Google Photos is perfect. OneDrives handling of photos is pretty clunky sadly.

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