LG Announces Wing 5G Smartphone

Posted on September 14, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Uncategorized with 29 Comments

LG is offering a unique take on folding and dual-screen smartphones, the Wing 5G, which features a second hidden screen.

“LG Wing 5G’s innovative design opens so many possibilities for multitasking, gaming, viewing and content creation,” LG Mobile’s Chris Yie said in a prepared statement. “This premium smartphone elevates the customer experience and brings LG’s philosophy of meaningful innovations to life.”

The Wing kind of needs to be seen to be believed, let alone understood. In its basic usage mode, the Wing looks and works like any other smartphone, with its 6.8-inch OLED FullVision display. But with a simple slide, you can rotate the primary display into a landscape orientation, revealing a second, 3.9-inch display underneath, and a creating a “T” shape via the two displays. This second display mode is called swivel mode.

“In swivel mode, certain apps can be expanded to both screens or two apps can be displayed simultaneously, one on each display,” LG notes. “Switching between swivel mode and basic mode is virtually seamless and offers the flexibility of more screen real estate when you want it.”

The Wing is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G 5G mobile platform and the Snapdragon X52 5G Modem-RF system. And it has three rear cameras: A 64 MP main lens, a 12 MP ultra-wide lenses with big pixels, and a 13 MP ultra-wide lens.

You can learn more about the LG Wing 5G from the LG website.