Brave Adds an Integrated News Reader

Posted on December 10, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Uncategorized with 5 Comments

Brave announced today that it is integrating a privacy-preserving news reader called Brave Today into its flagship web browser.

“The Brave Today news reader is accessible via tabs and is delivered anonymously to the user’s browser via Brave’s new private content delivery network (CDN),” the firm says. “When users scroll down to fetch the feed on a new tab page, they will discover links to content published by major media outlets in 15 different categories, including global news, business and finance, sports, fashion, food, lifestyle, tech and crypto news, and they can easily customize their stream.”

Brave automatically generates that stream from hundreds of popular RSS feeds using an algorithm that it says weighs several factors, including the user’s browser history and article published date. But yes, you can customize it by adding or removing sources and categories of content. And a future release will let you manually add favorite RSS feeds.

The bigger deal, of course, is how Brave Today protects your privacy with the use of a private CDN to anonymously deliver RSS feeds to the browser. As Brave notes, “there is no data trail available for third parties to collect or track. This makes Brave Today a unique news reading experience when compared to other apps and platforms that track users’ reading activities. Nobody can track the content that Brave users are reading, including Brave itself.”

Brave Today is available now in the Brave browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS.

You can learn more about Brave from the firm’s website.

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