Samsung Brings One UI to Its Smartwatches

Posted on May 20, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Wearables with 4 Comments

Samsung is today rolling out a major software update to the Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, and Gear S3 smartwatches. The update for the smartwatches brings Samsung’s new One UI interface, which first launched on the company’s Galaxy phones. One UI introduces a much simpler and modern interface that Samsung has failed to bring on its devices for a while, and overall it’s been a positive improvement in terms of looks.

On watches, the updates are identical, but it also introduces new features. “One UI on the smartwatch delivers a stylized interface that is synchronized with One UI on Galaxy smartphones, featuring more harmonious colors and layouts across devices,” Samsung said in a press release, as reported by Android Police.

One UI for Samsung’s smartwatches introduces improved settings that are easier to find, ability to enable/disable Touch wake-up, improved control over Daily Briefing updates, and the ability to turn on/off Goodnight mode depending on your own personal sleeping habits. The new update also makes it easier to stay up to date with your Daily Activities and comes with improved workout tracking, detailed sleep tracking, and improved heart rate tracking.

Additionally, the One UI update introduces improved battery life.” The update features improved battery optimization for better performance and longer use, automatically closing background apps and amending settings that may drain battery life. Users can also customize preferred battery saving settings, including adjusting brightness and screen timeout settings, to achieve the best possible battery life without compromising on the user experience,” Samsung said.

The new update is available through the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Samsung Brings One UI to Its Smartwatches”

  1. Brazbit

    Updated mine about an hour ago. So far it is

    A. More colorful (A bouncing smiling star greeted me after taking it off the charger... not sure how I feel about that)

    B. More responsive

    C. Fonts seem a little crisper (not 100% sure)

    Looking forward to seeing what else this brings. Very happy that my S3 Frontier was not left behind on an older OS.

  2. wolters

    I'm impressed with the Galaxy Watch. After using a WearOS variant for many years, I decided to try the Galaxy Watch and I think it is the absolute best and multi-featured smartwatch for Android. Works perfectly on my Pixel 3 XL.

  3. Tsang Man Fai

    While a circular screen looks more like a (traditional) watch, it is not convenient for scrolling content with text.

    Apple made a wise sacrification of using a circular screen.