Movement Health Comes to Amazon Halo

Posted on June 30, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Amazon, Wearables with 0 Comments

Amazon’s Halo health wearable now supports the Movement Health feature that the online giant announced at the beginning of June.

“Movement Health was designed to help customers assess and improve their overall movement health by measuring posture, stability, and mobility — using just your phone’s camera and the Halo app,” an Amazon representative told me. “Movement health is a major component of functional fitness, reflecting the readiness of your body to execute everyday movements like bending, reaching, lifting, twisting, squatting, pulling, pushing, and walking.”

Movement Health uses your smartphone camera to perform an assessment of your movement health and create a personalized program with suggestions of how to improve. Amazon claims this assessment is comparable to that you’d get from a movement or personal trainer. Users are guided through a series of movements that test their stability, mobility, and posture. And using computer vision technology, Halo evaluates your movements and then provides an overall movement health score and the custom movement program designed to easily fit into your lifestyle.

Amazon recommends that Halo users reperform this assessment every few weeks to gauge their progress over time. You can learn more about Movement Health from the Amazon website.

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