Report: Apple Watch Pro to Introduce New Design

Posted on July 24, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Apple, Apple Watch, Hardware, Mobile with 6 Comments

The reliable Mark Gurman reports that Apple’s rumored Apple Watch Pro will feature a new, bigger design with a larger display, the first Apple Watch design change since 2018.

Gurman’s report is part of an Apple Q3 earnings preview published in a Bloomberg newsletter. And if the past is any guide—think back to the iPhone X—it’s likely that the Apple Watch Pro’s new design will later become standard across all Watch models.

Apple plans to release four new Apple Watch models this fall, Gurman says, a new Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8, and a high-end “Pro” Apple Watch. There are few changes coming to lower-end models. But the Pro model looks interesting.

Apple Watch Pro will feature a larger form factor than other Apple Watches, one that some users might find off-putting, he says, and a display that is about 7 percent bigger than today’s models. It will also provide more battery life, perhaps as long as two days on low-power mode, a first for Apple Watch.

The new design is not the hoped-for and oft-rumored design with flat sides, he claims, but is rather an evolution of the current shape. It will also be made of titanium and will be more rugged.

Apple is expected to launch the new Apple Watches in September alongside new iPhones, an updated HomePod, a new Apple TV, updated iPad Pro models, and other hardware products.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Report: Apple Watch Pro to Introduce New Design”

  1. scovious

    The Apple watch has always had a nice design to me, and even early generations of the Apple watch still outperform all modern Android watches I've tried so far.

    As nice as the watch is, it still can't do two basic things I assumed would be supported from the start: Sending a non-imessage text from your watch without a phone in your pocket (since most of the world doesn't own an iPhone); and creating our own watch face.

    What's holding back a device like this in my opinion is a combination of Apples strange lock-in tactics and of course the 'Apple' implementation of "customizing" watch faces through roughly a dozen preset watch face designs in about 7 years of development.

    • Stabitha.Christie

      Given the relative success of the product I find it hard to describe it as “held back” but I’d imagine that Apple could significantly increase the sales it it made it comparable with Android. I assume that is what you mean by lock in? That said, I think getting the same experience on Android would be a lot harder said that done.

  2. wpcoe

    When I see some of the chunky (which I consider Apple Watch) smart watches on peoples' wrists, I always think of the original mobile phones: heavy, brick-sized devices. I'm waiting for the smart watch technology to reach the point where they are slim and sleek like old-fashioned analog watches. It will happen. Perhaps not in my lifetime, but it will happen eventually.

  3. Stabitha.Christie

    "The new design is not the hoped-for and oft-rumored design with flat sides"

    I'm curious who is actually hoping for this? It sounds terrible.

    • wright_is

      When. I got married, we chose matte gold, flat edged rings. They looked really good, but they are uncomfortable and dig in, when shaking hands, for example.

      The flat look mock-ups look good and match the iPad and iPhone, for example, but I think they might suffer from the same problem as the rings, with them digging in uncomfortably, if you move your arm wrong, wear tight clothing etc.

      • Stabitha.Christie

        Yeah, it doesn't seem like it wouldn't be comfortable at all. The other benefit of the tampered/rounded edges is that it gives the illusion of a thinner device. The flat edges would make it look really clunky.

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