FitBit Sold 5.6 Million Wearables in Q4, 13.9 Million in 2018

Posted on February 28, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Wearables, Apple Watch, Fitbit with 9 Comments

Fitbit today announced that it sold 5.6 million wearables in the fourth quarter, up 3 percent year-over-year. And Fitbit is now the number two smartwatch maker in the world behind Apple.

“I’m proud of our performance this year,” Fitbit co-founder and CEO James Park said in a prepared statement. “Our results demonstrate that our strategy is the right one, placing us on a path back to growth and profitability. We grew our active users [by] 9 percent to 27.6 million … and grew the number of devices sold in the fourth quarter.”

FitBit’s full-year results weren’t quite as rosy: It sold 13.9 million wearables in 2018, a decline of 9 percent from the previous year. But its latest devices—the Fitbit Versa, Ace, and Charge 3—were by far its best-sellers, and together represented 79 percent of the revenue that FitBit earned in the fourth quarter.

Looking ahead, Park says that Fitbit will introduce “more affordable devices with engaging health and fitness features, making the health benefits of being on Fitbit even more accessible.” The company expects to grow active users, devices sold, and revenue—including revenue from health services—in 2019.

Fitbit notes in its results that it is now the second-largest maker of smartwatches in the United States, but a separate report from Strategy Analytics claims that it is likewise number two worldwide.  Apple sold 22.5 million Apple Watches in 2018, the firm says.

“Apple Watch is losing marketshare to Samsung and Fitbit, whose rival smartwatch portfolios and retail presence have improved significantly in the past year,” Strategy Analytics noted.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “FitBit Sold 5.6 Million Wearables in Q4, 13.9 Million in 2018”

  1. biff

    Breaking future news... Landfills added 5.6 million wearables in Q4 2025, 13.9 Million for all of 2025.

  2. Chris_Kez

    So Apple sold 60% more units than the #2 player, and each unit was more than double the price? Does this finally put an end to any discussion about Apple Watch being a "failure"?

    • Skolvikings

      In reply to Chris_Kez:

      I think Apple Watch was a flop originally but it's since rebounded. I used to notice lots of people wearing Fitbits but now I'm seeing more and more people wearing Apple Watches. Mostly in the past year.

  3. SeattleMike

    Now if only they would fix their terrible iPhone app!

  4. provision l-3

    So ... In 2018 Apple sold almost double the number of smartwatches as number two (Fitbit), three (Samsung) and four (Garmin) combined and you are writing a fluff piece for Fitbit? Way to bury the lede. I guess Paul is sticking with his stance that the Apple Watch is a failure.

    • Hoomgar

      In reply to provision l-3:

      "Strategy Analytics noted" <-- it says...  Paul may have his own opinions but is merely reporting what is being said by others in this article.

      "and you are writing a fluff piece for Fitbit?"  So if someone isn't first place he shouldn't report?

      Just trying to understand why you would post that?

      • provision l-3

        In reply to Hoomgar:

        Where did I say or insinuate anything like "if someone isn't first place he shouldn't report"?

        As far as the fluff piece goes, there is a lot going on in the smart watch world. Samsung and Garmin both had a ton of growth and neither of which are really mentioned. Also, at about 12% market share Paul would consider about any other device a failure (HomePod is a great example, he had a whole article about how it was a failure because of a similar marketshare). But with a device he uses the article is all sunshine and flowers. It's a fluff piece.

      • Greg Green

        In reply to Hoomgar:

        Apple still has 50% of the smart watch market, slipping from 60% in 2017. Apple Watch sales went from 17m to 22m, with Fitbit, Samsung, and Garmin all shipping less than 6m each.

        Marketshare for these vendors, 2017 to 2018 is:

        Apple 60% to 50%

        Fitbit 2% to 12%

        Samsung 11% to 12%

        Garmin 7.5% to 7.1%

        Others 20% to 19%

        While marketshare varied the 4 major vendors all increased their sales by substantial margins. There’s really little negative news for anyone in this.