Fitbit Can Help You Log Blood Glucose Now

Fitbit announced today that it has added blood glucose logging to its mobile app and is opening the doors to blood glucose tracking meters and apps. (To be clear, Fitbit doesn’t offer a way to measure your blood glucose directly with its trackers and smartwatches.)

“If you’re someone who needs help managing your blood sugar levels, having somewhere to track it alongside your daily health behaviors like activity, nutrition, sleep, or stress, and other biometrics such as weight, can be extremely valuable in learning new strategies and helping make improvements in your health management,” Fitbit’s Kelsey Maloney writes in the announcement post. “Keeping blood sugar in control is also critical in reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other complications.”

The most recent version of the Fitbit app has a new Blood Glucose view through which you can log your blood glucose levels throughout the day. This view lets you set personalized glucose ranges so that you can be sure you’re within an acceptable range, and see how these levels are impacted by exercise, sleep, eating, and more.

Those already using the LifeScan OneTouch Reveal app can connect that data to Fitbit, and the firm says that it will soon be adding support for other blood glucose tracking meters and apps for automatic tracking within Fitbit.

Current Fitbit users can add this view to their Fitbit app by navigating to Discover > Health & Fitness Stats. If you don’t see a Blood Glucose tile yet, it should appear when the app is next updated. (OneTouch Reveal users can likewise connect that app and meter to Fitbit by selecting the settings icon in the Blood Glucose tile.)

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  • michael

    Premium Member
    08 February, 2021 - 4:59 pm

    <p>Controlling glucose levels is a key component to health. A start up "Levels" is about to finish beta on their software/service that monitors and helps users better control the relationship between what one eats and how the body responds via a continuous glucose monitor. This is primarily focused to nondiabetics. All this is coming together apparently.</p>


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