Google Just Took a Huge Shot at Windows and Mac in New Chromebook Ad

Posted on July 30, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, Chrome OS, Chromebook, Google, Microsoft, Windows with 183 Comments

Remember Scroogle? Well, Google just released a very similar ad for Chromebooks. The company is taking shot at Windows and Mac devices, mainly Windows, on its new one-minute long ad.

The ad shows a bunch of infamous Windows and Mac problems, like the different system errors, problems with anti-virus, software updates, and BSODs that users get on Windows. Google then shows off some of the modern Chromebook features, recommending users to get a new Chromebook. It focuses on Chromebook’s benefits (according to Google) like automatic updates, less lag, all-day battery, quicker startup times, and faster loading.

The ad pretty much highlights why Chromebooks can be better than most Windows and Mac devices for some users. Especially now that Chromebooks support Android apps, they are much more of a compelling alternative to Windows laptops for people who don’t need to do a lot of power and professional features. If I was a regular customer looking for a new laptop, this ad would most certainly make me want to get a Chromebook, or at least consider looking into one. It’s honestly pretty good.

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