Samsung Note 10 Comes With Windows 10’s Your Phone Feature Built-In

Posted on August 7, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Hardware, Microsoft, Mobile, Windows, Windows 10 with 2 Comments

Samsung just took the wraps off the new Galaxy Note 10 line. There are a bunch of new hardware features and upgrades on the device, but we have been talking a lot about this Microsoft partnership Samsung is going to announce today.

And here it is: Microsoft and Samsung seem to be expanding their partnership with the Note 10, with Microsoft Store around the world selling the Note 10 devices at store. And for the first time ever, Samsung is integrating a Microsoft feature right into the Quick Panel on the notification center with the Note 10.

The device will come with a quick link to Your Phone on the Quick Panel, allowing you to start the Your Phone experience really easy. From there, you will be able to use the usual Your Phone features like checking your messages, getting your notifications, mirroring your phone screen, etc.

The default Gallery app on the Note 10 will also allow you to sync directly with OneDrive, too. Microsoft will also be shipping an optimized Outlook app for the Note 10, with new integrations for the S Pen.

Note 10 also comes with a new feature that lets you essentially mirror Samsung DeX on a PC or a Mac via a USB cable, and from there you can drag and drop files into apps on Samsung DeX. Pretty cool.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Samsung Note 10 Comes With Windows 10’s Your Phone Feature Built-In”

  1. rmlounsbury

    This should kill off the idea of Microsoft ever getting back into the phone hardware game. The partnership they showed off today pretty much makes Samsung the Microsoft mobile strategy since they are getting OS level integration with many of their key technologies.

    Honestly, if this really it and getting a Samsung Galaxy S device means I get fully integrated, at the OS level, Microsoft apps and tools I'm okay with this. It makes far more sense for Microsoft to let Samsung build the hardware and Microsoft bring the cloud tooling vs. their Windows Phone & Nokia strategy.

    Curious if in the future that we see more Microsoft software take over for the Samsung built apps? Not that Bixby nor Cortana make a ton of sense but it makes more sense for Samsung to roll with Cortana as an assistant if they want to be Google independent.

  2. shmuelie

    Guess my next phone will have to be from Samsung

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