Microsoft Brings its OneNote Desktop App to the Microsoft Store

Posted on October 27, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Cloud, Microsoft 365, Windows, Windows 10, Windows 11 with 21 Comments

Microsoft’s OneNote desktop app is now available to download from the Microsoft Store. Since last year, Microsoft has been working to bring the features of its OneNote UWP app to the Win32 version, which the company now refers to as “OneNote from Microsoft 365.” Bringing this app to the Microsoft Store is the conclusion of Microsoft’s effort to consolidate its two OneNote apps.

The OneNote desktop app continues to be included in the Office installer for Windows, and it’s also available to download for free from Microsoft’s website. But now that the app is available on the Microsoft Store as well, Microsoft says that the UWP version of OneNote will no longer be updated.

“It will continue to work, but it will not get new feature updates and will reach end-of-support in October 2025,” the OneNote team explained. We recommend you switch over to the OneNote app as soon as you’re comfortable doing so. As we get closer to the end of support date, you will see reminders to try out the OneNote app.”

The UWP version of OneNote has a simplified UI, and it used to be one of the best UWP apps Microsoft released during the Windows 10 era. However, if you want to receive new features going forward, you’ll have to start using the OneNote desktop app, which recently received an enhanced Pin and Ink experience on the Windows 11 2022 update. If you have a Surface device with a Surface Slim Pen 2, you can now double-click your pen to open OneNote or click the back of the pen to launch a new Quick Note.

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