Skype Getting Improved Group Video Calling on Windows 10

Posted on June 27, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Skype, Windows 10 with 7 Comments

Microsoft is testing a fairly major update for Skype’s Windows 10 desktop app. The company today released a new update for the Skype app for Windows 10 to Skype Insiders, introducing a bunch of improvements.

The main new feature in this update is improved group video calling — Skype now lets you choose who appears in the main call canvas during a video call.  When you are in a group video call and there isn’t space for all the members in the main call, you can simply tuck them away to the overflow ribbon. Microsoft is also making it easier to take pictures of calls in calls, and screen sharing easily accessible by moving it to the top level call controls.

Microsoft says there are a number of improvements in the updated app — including a slightly tweaked layout that makes it easier to access and view all your contacts. And in case you use the new, colorful Skype themes, you will now be able to customize the colors for the themes with the new update. The update brings improvements to other sections of the app, including improvements to the media gallery, notifications panel, and @metions experiences. These improvements are available right now to Skype Insiders, but they will be available later on for everyone else on Windows 10.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Skype Getting Improved Group Video Calling on Windows 10”

  1. lpaso

    What about the SMS relay feature ? Has it disappeared ?

  2. brianforllp

    I can confirm, after using this new version for almost a week. Group video calling on Skype 7 is significantly better than Skype 8. By "better" I mean, making groups calls is better. Video management on call is better. Quality reliability is better. So, it's better. Now, take what I said and replace "better" with "works"... statement remains true.