New Windows 10 20H1 Build Brings Your Phone Improvements

Posted on May 29, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Mobile, Android, Windows 10 with 12 Comments

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 10 20H1 to Insiders in the Fast ring. And this one actually has some interesting changes, all for the Your Phone app.

“We’re bringing multiple new features to the Your Phone app in this build,” Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar writes. “Try them out and let us know what you think.”

Here’s what’s new in the Your Phone app Windows 10 Insider Preview build 18908:

New messaging features. You can now send and receive images and GIFs, including Giphy, in MMS messages. There’s a new unread message indicator. Contact thumbnails for all of your contacts will sync with Your Phone so you can more easily identify who you’re messaging with. You can quickly reply to text messages inline in notifications without having to open the app. And you can now add emojis to your text messages right from within the app.

Mobile sync over cellular. As with the shipping version of the app, you can now sync to your PC over cellular instead of just Wi-Fi.

New accessibility features. Microsoft has introduced two new accessibility features in this build, screen reading and focus tracking. Screen reading works with the Windows 10 TalkBack feature, and Focus tracking lets you follow your keyboard focus and mouse pointer input while using Android screen preview.

Keyboard language and layout. Using a new button on the screen preview window, you can change your keyboard language or layout.

New icons. Your Phone (Windows 10) and Your Phone Companion (Android) both have colorful new Fluent-inspired icons.

New phone model support. Phone screen preview now supports additional Samsung phone models, including the Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8+.

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Comments (12)

12 responses to “New Windows 10 20H1 Build Brings Your Phone Improvements”

  1. RickEveleigh

    A8 support -- I have an A8 -- excitement (sad I know).

  2. coeus89

    I have been using the Dell Mobile Connect app since the beginning of the year and SendLeap before that. I have really been wanting them to flush this out as both the Dell app and SendLeap have their fair share of issues. Unfortunately, they seem to be dragging their feet on this app. :(. What i am really waiting for is the ability to pipe phone calls from my phone to my PCs like the Dell app can do. I think that would put it over the top for me.

  3. flying_maverick

    So is Your Phone just an Android only app? Seems like iOS is completely ignored.

    • evox81

      In reply to flying_maverick:

      Of course it's being ignored. They can't replicate this functionality on iOS. The way the iPhone is locked down (for example: apps can't access text messaging) means this functionality can't be built in to an app that runs on the iPhone.

  4. Atoqir

    I wonder when they will expand these features to iOS

    • solomonrex

      In reply to Atoqir:

      They can't. Apple has that functionality locked down to MacOS. Third parties can't do this, so it's Android or nothing for these features. Well, unless you like spending hundreds of dollars on fixing keyboards.

  5. Alex Taylor

    Honestly the per-device support for this is insane in 2019.

    Why can't they just target an API level? It's not like there's a bunch of windows features that only work on selected blessed Dell XPS machines, so why would anyone accept that this will only work with a very small number of phone models?

  6. CompUser

    I've been using the Your Phone app since it was made available, and thought it was pretty cool. But after installing this Windows update, I just get this:

    We found some things getting in the way...

    x Your PC's Bluetooth isn't compatible

    x Your Android phone model isn't supported

    Both are exactly the same as before the update was installed. Meanwhile, the the app on the phone says "Your phone and PC are linked". Go Microsoft!