In Search of a Decent $500 Windows Laptop (Premium)


Every morning, I read the news using the terrible New York Times app for iPad. And every day, I wonder why I pay for this publication as I struggle with the app’s navigation roadblocks, slow article load times, and bugs. But there’s a reason I haven’t unsubscribed. Every once in a while---not every day, not quite---the NYT proves its worth. And these days, increasingly, that worth is derived almost solely from the publication’s 2016 acquisition of the Wirecutter, which I view as a more modern take on Consumer Reports.

Being more modern cuts both ways, of course: The Wirecutter, unlike Consumer Reports, earns affiliate commissions on links for products it recommends. But I feel that this site is trustworthy, based on years of evaluating its recommendations, first cautiously and more recently with a growing appreciation for its pragmatic and honest advice.

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