Here’s the Latest Windows 10, Surface Usage Data

Posted on May 27, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface, Windows 10 with 14 Comments

With Windows 10 version 2004 set for imminent release, its predecessor saw only minor usage share gains in the past month. And after a months-long absence, we’re finally getting a peek at Surface usage share too.

“[Windows 10 version 1909] added just 3 percent to its market share since last month,” the latest AdDuplex report, which is derived from a survey of almost 90,000 Windows 10 PCs, notes. “Windows 10 [version 1903] is still on close to half of Windows 10 PCs worldwide as May 2020 Update nears mainstream release.”

Last month, Windows 10 version 1909 was installed on about 33.4 percent of all Windows 10 PCs out in the world. This month, it’s grown to 36.4 percent.

As for Surface, this is the first time since January we’ve gotten a peek at this product family’s usage share.

“The last time we looked at Surface device shares was in January. A bunch of new Surface devices came to market since then,” the report explains. “Surface Go is now the second most used Surface. Surface Laptop 3 has moved up the chart as well and is now ahead of Laptop 2. Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3 showed up on the chart this month.”

The top five Surface PCs by usage are Surface Pro 4 (16.55 percent usage), Surface Go (13.8 percent), Surface Pro 5 (2017) (13.17 percent), Surface Pro 3 (10.6 percent), and Surface Pro 7 (10 percent). As for the newest Surface PCs, Surface Go 2 enters the charts in position 15 with 1 percent usage share, and Surface Book 3 barely registers in dead last with 0.18 percent. Predictably, Surface Pro 7 is the best-seller of the late 2019 lineup, with 8.8 percent usage share, good for sixth place. Surface Laptop 3 hit 2.6 percent usage, while Surface Pro X plods along with just .99 percent usage share. (It is notable that Surface Go 2 is already used more than Surface Pro X, I think.)

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Comments (15)

15 responses to “Here’s the Latest Windows 10, Surface Usage Data”

  1. jakelowss

    Price point and compatibility matter. This looks to be the reason Surface Go is already handily betting the Surface Pro X.

  2. reefer

    Gotta say that i am a little surprised that 20H1 didnt show up last night, we are in the middle of 26-28 of may if rumors of its release date are anything to go by.

  3. alsorun

    Almost 1% (0.9%) are on insider builds, which makes me laugh really. These are the true enthusiasts.

  4. Chris_Kez

    Small correction, Surface Pro 6 (not 7) is in fifth place with 10%; SP7 comes after that at 9%.

  5. Chris_Kez

    It's kind of amazing that SP4 and SP3 are #1 and #4, respectively; this speaks to the long product cycle for PCs.

    It's also notable that Surface 3 (non Pro) ranks higher than any version of Surface Laptop; this-- along with the high rank for Surface Go-- points to the obvious popularity of a lower-cost Surface option; on that front Microsoft was correct. It is just a shame they can't deliver better performance for the price. I suppose that is on Intel to some extent, and their inability to get Core M performance at closer to Atom prices.

  6. earlster

    I'm still using an SP4 coreI5 as my personal machine and for the tasks I use it for, email, web, office and some minor development and photoshop work it is working great. It's not as fast as my work laptop with a more modern i7 proc, but I don't need it for that level of work.

    The only problem is the battery, it's down to 40% capacity which is max 2hrs of usage while not plugged in. The fact that it's not user replacable is my reason to not upgrade to a newer surface, once they make that happen I'll get a new one. Even a reasonably priced option from MS to replace the battery would be fine, but there is no such thing.

  7. Andi

    This is why the Go2 is great, even in Pentium form. At 500$(complete with kb) there is nothing in the PC space that meets these criteria:

    -small ultra portable windows machine

    -premium build and 1st party support

    -incredible quality display for the price point(ips and accurate)

    -said display is touch enabled and pen enabled

    -it's a hybrid, aka 2 in 1, this matters

    Imagine for all those 1st gen GO users that already have a kb and maybe a pen, going for the cheapest core m sku is an incredible deal. This is what the bloggers don't get. This does not compete with ipads or chromebooks. No one goes empty slate in a store and thinks about these products in comparison.

  8. red77star

    Windows 10 is horribly fragmented, and we are on 2004. This is an indication that people stopped caring about Windows Updates. Everyone are on the version which suits them best. All the versions prior 1903 or awful. People kept with updates until they hit 1903/1909 and found the stability somewhat with it. 1903 was released on March 2019, just don't tell me their device did not pick an update by now by an accident....

    14.8% without insiders runs on older version of Windows 10. If we take Surface usage as sample (representative) of all Windows 10 PC, 148 million of PC (assuming we reached 1 billion) runs Windows 10 version older than translation complete failure of Win10.

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