Thurrott Daily: January 8

Thurrott Daily: January 8
My little remembered art installment at the Tate Modern: Paul @ Tate. 🙂

Good morning from frosty New England. Here are some tidbits from around the web.

1/8/2016 9:52:38 AM

Microsoft will sell cellular data to Windows users

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As a complement to the Microsoft Wi-Fi app that is now available for Windows 10, Microsoft also has a Cellular Data app that mysteriously just appeared. No official word on the service yet, but the app description gives us some hints:

Stay connected everywhere you go, even when WiFi isn’t available … The Cellular data app allows you to connect to a trusted nationwide mobile data network using only your Microsoft account.

Connect with—and pay for—a mobile data plan on your Windows 10 device using only your Microsoft account information. That means no fixed contract and no long term commitments to a mobile network operator. Now you can buy and use mobile data at your own convenience. This is the easiest way to get online using a trusted nationwide network.

Purchase a plan via Windows Store anywhere network coverage is available. The Cellular data app can get you connected at any time with a secure, high-speed mobile connection. This app is designed to work solely with specific Windows 10 devices and requires a Microsoft SIM card.

Requires a Microsoft SIM card. Interesting.

Service is available in some markets and offers are for domestic plans only – international roaming offers will be available soon. To purchase a data plan, you can follow these simple steps: 1. Click the WiFi icon at the far right of the taskbar 2. In the list of networks, look for one called Cellular data, then select it 3. In Mobile settings, select ‘View plans’, then follow the steps to buy mobile data and get online

Well. I would imagine we’ll know more soon. I’ll write up a bit more later.

Oh, and by the way. Microsoft, it’s “Wi-Fi,” not “WiFi.” The term “Wi-Fi” is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance and the actual brand name.

“Microsoft’s Cortana Gets Baked Into Cyanogen’s Forked Version Of Android”

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I mentioned this the moment it happened. But here’s more information, from TechCrunch:

Cyanogen this week rolled out a new version of its alternative Android operative system which features Cortana baked into the software.

Cortana in Cyanogen sounds a lot like Siri within iOS:

“Once awake, from setting reminders and scheduling meetings, to calling and texting friends, Cortana helps you do more with hands-free multitasking. Whether you’re glancing at your lock screen or immersed in an app or game, Cortana is at attention as soon as you say ‘Hey Cortana.’ Immediately she will go to task.”

What’s the phrase? Ah yes. Android is Microsoft’s Plan B for mobile.

PDP battery tech (may) bring quick charging to the Xbox One controller

My Xbox One Elite controller is finally on the way—it should arrive today—but fast-charging Xbox One controllers are arguably an even bigger deal. Polygon reports:

A new battery technology described by PDP … is intriguing: The technology is supposed to be able to provide eight hours of play for your Xbox One controller with only a 60-second charge time.

“We’ve developed a technology to charge your controller in a new way, it’s not using a battery pack,” Christopher Dingle, director of product development at PDP, told Polygon. “In the past it has been about either your dry cell battery chemistries or your lithium ion or lithium polymers, but we’ve developed a new type of power pack.”

Few specific details were given about how the pack works. “It’s a physical reaction rather than a chemical reaction,” Dingle explained. “It’s a new type of power pack chemistry.”

The downside? Pre-orders won’t happen until late 2016, so this is basically a 2017 deliverable. Unless it doesn’t even happen, of course.


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