Windows 10 Redstone To Feature Improved Backup To OneDrive

Posted on March 21, 2016 by Brad Sams in OneDrive, Windows 10 with 0 Comments

Onedrive backup

Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service has quickly grown in popularity since its integration into the Windows platform. With Windows 10 having the cloud storage service being deeply integrated into the OS, it’s a bit surprising that there is not a way to back up your machine to the cloud service.

Thanks to a leaked build last week, it looks like Microsoft is preparing to offer an improved backup solution that will give you better control of the items that are stored in the cloud service. As you can see from the screenshot above from build 14278, you will soon have the ability to turn off and on having Onedrive store your apps, passwords, settings and accounts.

The one feature that is currently not available that some users may want is to fully backup your device to the cloud. Seeing as this functionality is now starting to show up in Windows 10, it’s certainly possible the company could enable this feature in an upcoming release..

If they would allow a consumer to fully duplicate their local drive to the cloud, the company dropping unlimited cloud storage for Onedrive users who also subscribe to Office 365 begins to make a lot more sense as the usage will skyrocket once enabled. Seeing as most users have far more content on their local drive than what they have in the ‘OneDrive’ folder, the company needed a way to protect itself from the increase in high-volume users.

Once you enable this functionality, the backup shows up in the same spot as a Windows phone backup in Onedrive and you can manage it like any other device.

This feature is currently not enabled in the Fast ring insider branch but if you want to try it out, locate an ISO of 14278 and then navigate to ‘Backup’ in the settings panel and enable the feature.

Thanks for the tip Gus!

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