Microsoft to Deliver More Cross-Platform Cortana Improvements to Insiders

Posted on April 6, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Android, iOS, Windows Phones, Windows 10 with 0 Comments

Microsoft to Deliver More Cross-Platform Cortana Improvements to Insiders

Microsoft revealed today that it will be adding more Cortana features to Insiders, and will do so across the devices that this personal digital assistant supports. These include low battery notifications, Find My Phone integration, and, most interesting, map sharing across devices.

“Cortana is not only available on the Windows 10 ecosystem, but is also on other platforms including select Android and iOS devices,” a Microsoft representative told me. “Today we’re continuing to deliver on this promise of creating a personal digital assistant available on whatever device you carry to help you get things done. Starting today, we’ll be releasing new features to Insiders on an ongoing basis that keeps you in sync across all the devices you use Cortana on so you can stay better connected throughout your day.”

The first set of Cortana improvements includes:

Low battery notifications. Cortana can now tell you about low battery power on mobile devices. When your phone’s battery is low, a notification will pop up on your PC, too, so you can charge it quickly.

Find my phone/Ring my phone. Now, you can ask Cortana to find your phone from your PC using a new Find My Phone feature, which works with Windows 10 Mobile, Android and iPhone. This feature lets users locate their phone using geo-location and by having Cortana ring the phone.

Share map directions across devices. Now, when you tell Cortana to find directions on your PC—“directions to Logan Airport,” or whatever—she will send those directions to your phone as well. That way, you can research a trip before you leave, and then use the phone to actually find your way out in the world.

It’s not year clear how these improvements will be delivered—I suspect this will include new Insider Preview builds for Windows 10 for PCs and Mobile, plus Cortana app updates on Android and iOS. But I’ll be looking at these improvements as soon as possible.


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