Thurrott Daily: April 12

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Thurrott Daily: April 12

Coming soon: Titanfall 2

Tech tidbits from around the web.

4/12/2016 9:10:55 AM

Titanfall 2 trailer

It shows literally nothing about the game, but the first Titanfall 2 trailer is available if you’re curious.

Microsoft is adding a QR code to the BSOD

Brad covers this very important issue over on Petri.

Microsoft is testing a way to make the Blue Screen of Death experience slightly less painful.

It looks like the company is going to start attaching QR codes to the blue screens of death, as you can see in the image below. The screen shot comes from a user on Reddit (Image credit goes to javelinnl), spotted by Neowin, and if you scan the code, it takes you to this page.


I like it. But I often don’t move quickly enough to capture what’s on screen during a BSOD anyway.

Developers are already running Linux GUI apps in Windows 10 using Bash

So, you had to see this one coming. The only mystery is how it happened so fast. Windows Clan reports:

Today, we’ve come across a way to run entire Linux graphical applications in Windows 10 by launching them through Bash.

One developer/redditor named w2qw has discovered an indirect way to run Linux apps on Windows 10 using bash in combination of Xming’s X server.

Check out this Reddit conversation for more info, including instructions. You geek.

Another take on streaming music and revenues

There have been a number of stories recently about how the rise of streaming music services is somehow bad for the music industry. And then this happened.

A massive rise in earnings from streaming services helped reverse almost 20 years of declining global music revenues last year as money from digital formats overtook physical sales for the first time, trade association IFPI said on Tuesday.

Streaming revenues were up 45 percent in 2015 thanks to the growth of smartphones and licensed quality subscription services as overall global music proceeds grew 3.2 percent to $15 billion, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry said in its annual report.

Streaming had grown to such an extent it was close to overtaking the sums earned from downloads, with an estimated 68 million people now paying for a music subscription.

There’s some bad news in there, too—the report notes that IFPI believes artists are not being paid enough by streaming services—but

“Windows Vista’s tiny user base will see official support end one year from now”

So. Windows Vista’s “tiny user base” is the same size—1.4 percent—as Windows phone’s. And you just ran a 7-part series explaining why Windows phone isn’t dead.

Amazon’s latest Kindle leaks all over the place

And what a mess. There have been a number of Kindle Oasis leaks over the past 24 hours, but this is possibly the best one (translated):

The new e-reader Amazon Kindle Oasis, body thickness of 3.4 to 8.5 mm. Thinnest at only 3.4 mm. 300PPI ultra-clear e-ink screen, reducing paper book reading experience. Leather protective sleeve comes with a battery, the battery with the body, can make stand up to several months. Built-in gravity sensor, the screen on the left / right hand grip automatically flips.

The new streamlined ergonomic handle complex design, the body center of gravity shifted to the palm. The new body, touch screen or press the button, you can easily turn the pages. Whether you choose left or right hand grip, Kindle Oasis screen can automatically rotate 180 degrees, adapt your grip habits.

Battery life of up to several months.


Apparently the weird bump on the side makes it easier to hold, and lefties can simply flip it around.


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