Thurrott Daily: October 14, 2015

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Thurrott Daily: October 14, 2015

Here’s what’s happening today.

10/14/2015 10:04:57 AM

Tell me that image at the top doesn’t get you pumped up

I’m really looking forward to testing the new Lumias.

And, no, don’t literally tell me it doesn’t get you pumped up. Seriously.

What Julie said

Microsoft chief experience officer Julie Larson Green allegedly told a journalist from The Australian that Microsoft would “go wherever our customers are” when asked if the firm would “produce a full-blown tailored Android operating system variant.” This has triggered a new wave of speculation about how far Microsoft is willing to go down what I’ve long called its Plan B in mobile. (Here in March, here in April, and here again in September.)

This is a valid conversation. But I’m not convinced that Larson Green committed Microsoft to anything beyond just creating mobile apps and other experiences for Android. And it’s a bit odd that this guy from The Australian traveled all the way to Redmond on Microsoft’s dime, actually got time with the firm’s chief experience officer, and then came away only with a single five word quote.

Point being, Android is clearly Microsoft’s Plan B in mobile because the system is open and can be modified by it in ways that are simply not possible with iOS (which I feel is otherwise superior to Android in every meaningful way). The question is how far Microsoft takes this. So we’ll need to just keep speculating.

Federal jury: Apple infringed on University of Wisconsin patent

It’s weird, but nothing stirs my heart quite like Apple getting in legal trouble. The WSJ reports:

A federal jury ruled Apple Inc. infringed on a University of Wisconsin patent when developing processors for some recent iPhones and iPads, the latest in a string of disputes over the technology undergirding smartphones.

The jury in U.S. District Court in Madison, Wis., found that the university’s 1998 patent on improving efficiency in computer processors is valid and that Apple illegally incorporated the patent’s technology in processors that help power some iPhones and iPads.

The jury hasn’t yet ruled on damages. The university sought as much as $862.4 million

Interestingly, the university sued Intel in 2008 for infringing on the same patent, but Intel settled before the case could go to trial.

“Samsung Introduces New Smartphone Running on Tizen Platform”

Yep, I don’t care either.

“Windows 10 Didn’t Save the PC”

Yet. Geesh.

“Does Microsoft even want people to buy Windows Phones anymore?”

Watching others fumble around trying to figure out what Microsoft is doing with Lumia is a weird combination of sad and hilarious. Guys. They telegraphed their plans back in July. Nothing has changed.

Speaking of “nothing has changed”, this article’s URL gets negative bonus points for including the phrase “why-windows-phone-is-a-flop”.


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