Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14946 Arrives for Both PC and Mobile

Posted on October 13, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Windows Phones, Windows 10 with 12 Comments

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14946 Arrives for Both PC and Mobile

Microsoft is back with a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build for Fast ring testers, and this time it’s available for both PC and Mobile. Build 14946 introduces only a few minor new features.

They are:


PC: Improvements to the precision touchpad experience. In the previous build, Microsoft unveiled improvements to how gesture and click detection works on precision touchpads. In this build, that functionality is being further enhanced with a new “Other gestures” interface in Settings that lets you configure three and four finger gestures, taps, and swipes. And there’s a new “Advanced Gestures configuration” page that offers even more control. This looks pretty interesting, so I’ll be examining it further soon.

Mobile: Separate screen time-out settings when using Continuum for Phone. This one was a top request of Mobile users. “With this update, you will now be able to turn off whichever screen you are not using with Continuum – saving battery and preventing screen burn-in,” Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar explains. “If you are working on a Word document, your phone screen will sleep without any impact on your Continuum session. If you make a call, hang-up, or press the phone power button, you can keep right on working in Word with Continuum.” You can change these settings in Settings, Personalization, Lock screen.


PC and Mobile: Updated Wi-Fi settings. The Wi-Fi settings page now lets you determine how long Wi-Fi will be left disabled when you turn it off. (It’s set to Manually by default on PC, and to “In 1 hour” on Mobile.)

Mobile: Autocorrection improvements. Now, you can (finally) remove incorrect auto-correct entries in the local user dictionary on your phone. “Tap on the word you don’t like in the text box, and you will see a candidate that is the word with a ‘-‘ sign before it,” Ms. Sarkar writes. “Tapping on that candidate will remove the word completely from your user dictionary and no longer suggest it.”

Other improvements. Microsoft made a number of other improvements on both PC and Mobile in this build. Among them, optional components such as Hyper-V and Bash should remain installed after updating. You can see the whole list in Microsoft’s blog post.

Known issues. There is a very short list of known issues in this build. You may need to uninstall third party anti-virus solutions before you can update to this build on PC, and larger Windows Store games such as ReCore, Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, Killer Instinct and Rise of the Tomb Raider may fail to launch. On Mobile, this build will fail to install on your phone with an 0x80188319 error if your phone has additional speech packs installed. This issue will be fixed in the next build we release, Microsoft says.


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Comments (12)

12 responses to “Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14946 Arrives for Both PC and Mobile”

  1. 442

    I keep waiting for a "middle finger" gesture function to be added...  ;)

  2. 6692

    Major fixes for Mobile which Paul has omitted.

    Other improvements and fixes for Mobile

    • We fixed the issue causing you to get into a state where text messages will fail to send.
    • When your phone is connected to your PC, long lists of captured photos will now load significantly faster in File Explorer.
    • We’ve updated Narrator’s reading order for Windows 10 apps which display an app bar on the bottom of the app, for example OneDrive, so now the contents of the page will be read before the contents of the app bar
    • We fixed an issue resulting in video thumbnails sometimes not being shown in WhatsApp – videos received from this build onwards will display a thumbnail.
    • We fixed an issue resulting in Camera app video recordings having a slight crackle to their audio in recent builds.


    We have changed the frequency of scheduled backups for Mobile to once a week. Initiating a backup manually by clicking the “Back up now” button remains unchanged and works as expected. You can do this via Settings > Update & security > Backup and clicking the “More options” link at the bottom. As always, it’s good to do a backup of your device before updating to a new build.


    On your phone, if you see that an autocorrection is going to happen (i.e. the first candidate is bolded) and it’s not what you intended, you will now see what you originally typed as the second candidate. Tapping on that candidate will prevent the autocorrection, and the system will learn your vocabulary and get smarter over time.

  3. 1292

    So at this point are you even doing Insider builds of W10 mobile, or is your time better spent with the iPhone 7?

    • 1488

      In reply to FreeJAC:

      I wonder the same thing. Some of Pauls statements infer he is not spending much time if any with Windows Mobile. I guess since it has "failed" there is no point in him using it at all.

    • 622

      In reply to FreeJAC:

      Note that all the insider builds, till now, have only brought in bug fixes or very minor improvements. I would prefer if Paul just waits the next "Release Build" with cumulative update to compare with the last official release (WM10 Anniversary Update).

  4. 1977

    On 14946 Facebook will force close on Internet Explorer 11. No problems on Edge.

  5. 6614

    the updated wi-fi settings was only for pc not mobile. Mobile has had the time on options for some time since windows 10 launched.

  6. 2394

    Does anybody know if the updated Wi-Fi settings have a way to access "Go To Browser" for stuff like Panera and hotels that require it?

  7. 5037

    Somewhere in the last few builds, although I never seemed to see it in the posts, they finally added 'double-tap to unlock' BACK (since 8.1) and its the best thing since sliced bread!  i just decided to look again after the update and hooray, there it was and most importatnly it works on my 950.  Kudos to MS for a much desired feature.

  8. 680

    The third party AV issues also affected the previous build. I had to uninstall Malwarebytes for this build to load. I would like to think this will be fixed by the next build, I don't really like not using Malwarebytes.

  9. 593

    I've experienced my first major bugs. I run purely fast ring insider on my only working device, a 950xl, and have managed to avoid the usual bugs. But I finally got bit. The backup mechanism isn't working properly. Rather than having multiple backups available as in the past, this version is writing the newest backup over top of the prior one. I wouldn't care so much, but I had an issue that forced me to wipe my device and start fresh. For some reason unknown to me th prior backup in my list was gone and I had nothing to restore from. I wouldn't have cared so much as I was long overdue for a clean install, but my Minecraft files are gone!! This is the whole reason I even bother to back stuff up and look where it got me? Does anyone have any idea how I can recover these files? Also the wallet app isn't working so I'm not able to add my two to pay cards back in. And finally the biggest bug in this build, at least for me, whenever I have to reboot my device it takes around 20-30mins to boot!, no joke!


    Any suggestions regarding my game files would be much appreciated! Thanks :)