Microsoft Delivers Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14955 for PC and Mobile to Fast Ring

Posted on October 25, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Windows Phones, Windows 10 with 18 Comments

Microsoft Delivers Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14955 for PC and Mobile to Fast Ring

Microsoft has delivered a new build of the Windows 10 Insider Preview, and this one is for both PC and Mobile. Key among the new features are some nice updates to Outlook Mail.

Actually, compared to the past two builds, this one is a bit light on the new features. Which include:

Outlook Mail and Calendar 17.7466.4062x.0. Outlook Mail (which is bundled with Calendar) picks up the ability to open email messages in a new window, Quick Actions from new email notifications, and support for @mentions. That middle one is cool: Now, you can respond to email directly from the notification toast!

Narrator improvements. The Narrator app sports new context awareness options. Type ALT + Caps Lock + / to cycle between the choices, CTRL + Caps Lock + / to change whether the context is read before the item with focus or after, and Caps Lock + D twice to check the context at any time.

Beyond that, we just see some improvements and fixes on both PC and Mobile. Nothing really stands out, so check out the Microsoft blog post for a quick rundown. Ditto for known issues.


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Comments (18)

18 responses to “Microsoft Delivers Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14955 for PC and Mobile to Fast Ring”

  1. 5539

    While I thoroughly support the features and need for Narrator, the only improvement I'd like is a setting to never accidentally turn the thing on. 

  2. 241

    Ahhcckk, what about the slow ring!?

  3. 709

    I was actually expecting them to release a build tomorrow at the event which would have more feaures.

  4. 2983

    laptop and mobile on 14951, neither can see this new build yet

  5. 7204

    In reply to paul-thurrott:

    I'm on 14955, but Mail+Calendar is still on 17.7369 - Doesn't find an update in Store either.. any ideas?

  6. 409

    My Office products keep asking me to verify my account and ultimately won't work. Anyone else seeing this?

  7. 5601

    UHG Why won't it let be download this build Had to get the fix the download last build Is that why this one won't show up?



  8. 2394

    I'm just glad I could actually download it to my 950.

  9. 5534

    That was quick. They just released 14951 a few days ago, also to both PC and mobile.

    • 742

      In reply to CompUser:

      I'm honestly not surprised. It seemed weird that they shipped a build where the Feedback Hub didn't work, so I'm not surprised this build came out quickly and addresses that.

  10. 742

    Brad will be happy about pop out windows in Outlook Mail!

  11. 469

    Surely Mail and Calendar should be updated thro the store, not need a new build!

    • 165

      In reply to Redbreva:

      Maybe it needs some updated APIs that are not in the release version??


      • 2

        In reply to RonH:

        No, and in fact this update isn't tied to the build. You'll get it if you're on the Fast ring with a recent build regardless, and it will make its way public over the next few weeks.