Sony Announces Two New PS4 Pro Versions

Posted on January 16, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox with 4 Comments

Sony Announces Two New PS4 Pro Versions

After quietly allowing Xbox One X to dominate the headlines over the holidays, the PS4 Pro is back. Sort of.

Sony announced today that it will soon sell two limited edition versions of its PlayStation 4 Pro console—the “sort of” 4K version of the PS4 that ostensibly competes with Xbox One X—via GameStop.

No, the new PS4 Pro consoles don’t offer any additional capabilities. And, no, they are not less expensive than the original version either. Instead, each offers a unique style or color scheme, much like we see with the Xbox One S bundles over on the Microsoft side of the fence.

Anyway, there are two. They are:

Limited Edition Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro. This bundle provides the game Monster Hunter: World, plus a console and controller that are styled to match for $449. “This bundle will be available in very limited quantities,” Sony notes.

Glacier White PS4 Pro. Available previously in a bundle, Sony is making the Glacier White PS4 Pro available as a standalone console for the first time. Pricing is the same as the normal PS4 Pro, $399, and it comes with a white wireless controller as you’d expect.

Both consoles will be available exclusively at GameStop in the U.S. and Canada. The Limited Edition Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro arrives January 26 and the Glacier White PS4 Pro will ship “in the coming weeks.”


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