PUBG Hits 1.0 and it’s Comically Wonderful

Posted on September 4, 2018 by Brad Sams in Xbox, Xbox One with 3 Comments

Last night at 8 PM ET, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds reached the 1.0 milestone which means the game is no longer in ‘preview’ and is ready for prime time. The game costs $29.99 but be aware that there are microtransactions as well; for now, they are only for cosmetic items.

I have been playing this game on the Xbox One X for several months and have watched the game go from a heaping mess of sloppy gunfights to a polished mess of sloppy gunfights. Blue Hole, the creators of the game, has released quite a few buggy updates and have introduced serious bugs with past updates but this release has been a solid update.

The 1.0 update introduces a new map, Sanhok, which is half the size of Miramar or Erangel and significantly increase the pace of play. Also included in this release are a couple new weapons, skins for various game assets, and a final bit of polish as well as Event Pass.

Event Pass is a series of challenges that you can compete to unlock rewards; some of which are behind a paywall. You don’t have to participate in the Event Pass to play the game, it only adds additional cosmetic items to your inventory.

If you have been holding off buying PUBG for the Xbox, now is a good time to jump in. The game is far from perfect and its flaws are humorous. The developer still has yet to figure out why sometimes your vehicle will explode randomly when driving off-road (not pictured above, that was me trying to land a sweet jump) or why you sometimes fall off a bridge and end up under the map but its flaws, as long as you don’t take the game too seriously, are hilariously tragic.

But the game is quite a bit of fun and is a big win for the Xbox team and I’ll be curious to see how long they can keep the ‘console exclusive’ on the platform as it has been a rare bright spot for third-party IP on the platform.

There is little doubt that battle royal games are here to stay with every company now trying to cash-in on the genre. PUBG along with Fortnite have shown that players do like this type of game and I look forward to seeing how both push forward with new content and updated game types.

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