Microsoft Brings Windows 10 Xbox App to Android and iOS

Posted on June 13, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Android, iOS, Windows 10, Windows Phones, Xbox with 0 Comments

Microsoft Brings Windows 10 Xbox App to Android and iOS

Previously available exclusively on Windows 10, Microsoft’s Xbox app is now available on Android and iOS as well. It replaces the Xbox SmartGlass apps that Microsoft previously provided on those platforms, and it looks and works exactly like its Windows 10 cousins.

“We’re excited to introduce the new Xbox app,” Microsoft’s app description explains. “Everything you love about Xbox SmartGlass is now in the Xbox app and much more! No matter where you play games — whether it’s your Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, or Phone — the Xbox app is the best way to stay connected to your gaming community.”

As Microsoft notes—and as Windows 10 users already know—the Xbox app brings together your Xbox Live friends, games, and accomplishments from across your devices. It lets you stay connected to Xbox Live from your phone or tablet, control your Xbox One, and buy new games from the store.

Microsoft highlights the following phone-based features:

  • See what friends are up to on Xbox Live
  • Share updates and game clips
  • Watch and interact with game content
  • Buy games from the store

And if you have an an Xbox One, and are in the same room, you can do the following:

  • Use the app to navigate using your device’s keyboard and touch
  • Use the app as a media controller for your Xbox One (play, pause, etc)

I was wondering when this was going to happen, and given the high quality and usefulness of this app on Windows 10, I’m glad to see the Xbox app arrive on Android and iOS. I suspect Microsoft will be keeping them up to date with the Windows 10 version as they move forward. (And I’m now curious if we’ll see an Xbox Beta app on Android and iOS too. That’s where the real action is.)

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