Microsoft Reveals New Controllers, Stereo Headset for Xbox One S

Posted on September 12, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox One with 0 Comments

Microsoft Reveals New Controllers, Stereo Headset for Xbox One S

Microsoft announced three new accessories for the Xbox One S today, padding out the lineup with new Xbox Wireless Controller designs and a new Xbox Stereo Headset. The new accessories will be available for sale over the next month or so.

“We’re committed to providing choice to our fans so you can play where you want to play, with the hardware you want to play on,” Microsoft’s Bree White explains. “We recently brought you the Xbox One S Console—the ultimate gaming device and 4K entertainment system with 4K UHD Blu-ray, 4K video streaming and HDR gaming. This holiday, we’re adding new accessories to our lineup, giving you more options in how to play Xbox One S’s over 100 console exclusives.”

Here’s what’s new.


Xbox Wireless Controller Dawn Shadow Special Edition. The most colorful of the new offerings, the Xbox Wireless Controller Dawn Shadow Special Edition “comes in a metallic magenta that fades into a matte black finish,” Microsoft says. It will ship in the the U.S., Canada, U.K. and other regions on October 4 and will cost $69.99. You can learn more here.

Xbox Wireless Controller in blue. A “fan-favorite color from Xbox Design Lab,” Microsoft will now sell the a blue version of the new Xbox Wireless Controller at retail. It ships in select regions on September 27 and will cost $64.99. You’ll see it at Microsoft Stores and Best Buy first in the U.S.


Xbox Wireless Controller in black. No doubt answering many a request from gamers, Microsoft is also making the new Xbox Wireless Controller available in black. In addition to the standalone controller for Xbox One, which will arrive in stores this month for $59.99, Microsoft is also refreshing its PC PC controller bundles, which include the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows and the USB Charging Cable, with the new (black) controller as well. These bundles will ship in October. You can learn more here.


Xbox Stereo Headset Special Edition. This new headset features an over-the-ear design and matches the white aesthetic of the Xbox One S console. It will ship in late October at Microsoft Stores and GameStop in the U.S. and will cost $64.99. You can learn more here.


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