Amazon Makes It Easier to Control Music Playback on Alexa-Enabled Devices

Posted on July 26, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Amazon with 0 Comments

Amazon is launching a new Alexa Cast feature for Alexa-enabled devices today. The new feature, available as an update to the Amazon Music app, will let users control music playback.

With Alexa Cast, you will be able to control where you want your music to play. It’s a lot like Spotify Connect, as it lets you switch between different Alexa-enabled devices to control the playback. So for example, if you are listening to music on your Echo speaker, you can easily switch to your Fire device or your phone.

Alexa Cast isn’t a new idea, and it’s obviously quite limited at this point since it only supports Amazon Music. This means, if you are using Spotify, you are out of luck. There is, however, a huge possibility of Amazon expanding the feature to work with more services and devices. I can easily imagine this Alexa Cast to be a Google Cast clone, where you’ll be able to stream music to your Alexa-enabled devices from your computer, and other devices, while being able to control playback across multiple platforms. Amazon says the company will expand support for the future over time, reports The Verge.

As for now, you are limited to using Amazon Music.

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