Amazon Shipped More Than a Billion Products This Holiday

Posted on December 26, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Amazon with 6 Comments

Amazon shared a bunch of stats from the year today. The company revealed that it shipped more than 1 billion products in the United States over the holidays and the continued growth of Amazon’s own products.

The best selling Amazon-made devices this holiday included the new Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote, and Echo. Not only was the Echo Dot the best selling Amazon-made device, but it was also the best-selling product on Amazon, followed by L.O.L. Surprise! Glam Glitter Series Doll, fashion items from Carhartt, and Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones. The company saw an overall rise in sales for Amazon products this year as compared to last year, with growth in products from Ring, which Amazon acquired for $1 billion.

Amazon shared some interesting Alexa stats, too. People using Alexa for shopping on tripled this year from last year. The personal assistant also delivered 8x more reminders and set more than 100 million timers this holiday seasons compared to lost. Alexa users also asked for 3x as many recipes this holiday season and 2x more cooking-related advice.

On the Prime side, Amazon says more than tens of millions of new customers signed up for free trails or began premium memberships, with the company shipping more than 1 billion in products in the US during the holidays for free to Prime customers.

The company shared a bunch of other fascinating insights, like the complete list of products on the last delivered Prime Now order on Christmas Eve, or how people in the United Kingdom were 2x more excited about Christmas than any other country. Alexa incidentally went down in the country on Christmas day, by the way.

You can find Amazon’s full list of tidbits for the year here.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Amazon Shipped More Than a Billion Products This Holiday”

  1. frank_costanza

    I feel like Walmart upped their game this year (I thought I read that they redesigned their site?). Overall, I don't think Walmart had the same breadth of selection as Amazon. But the online buying experience, prices, and shipping were really good, IMO.

    I wonder how Walmart's (and others') online sales fared during the Christmas shopping season?

  2. bharris

    I would like to know about gift card sales....I gave 2 & got 3 back. It is probably the safest, most likely to get used, gift card out there. Not many people are not going to use an Amazon gift card.....

  3. rbwatson0

    I want a stat on how much of this crap gets returned... Or used on christmas and never gets turned on again!

  4. madthinus

    All those boxes...Hope they are made from recyclable material.

  5. Tony Barrett

    I'm pleased with myself that personally, I never ordered anything from Amazon this xmas. Not that it made a blind bit of difference to them, but there are more and more things about Amazon that are really starting to grate for me;

    Fake products. Amazon is littered with them, and it's a big, big problem.

    Fake Reviews. Nuff said. Another big problem, and it's getting worse.

    Prime. I don't subscribe to Prime, and don't ever plan to (unless you use Amazon regularly, it's free money for them), but some products I'd ordered previously without an issue are now reserved for Prime members only. That's infuriating, and it's getting worse.

    Add-on items: I noticed this recently, but many low value items are now classed as 'Add ons', and you can't actually order them without a minimum spend. Really annoying, and just a cash grab.

    Amazon just seem to be getting too big now, and that's bad for the consumer. The way they reportedly treat their staff is also very bad - their factories and distribution centers are more like sweat shop slave camps.

  6. jules_wombat

    But I understood that they actually make more money on AWS than they do in Retail ?

    Its a pretty awesome logistics operation, but they need to pay their fair on Tax and support a level playing field across all retail.

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