Amazon Shareholders Rejected Proposals on Climate Change

Posted on May 22, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Amazon with 46 Comments

Ted S. Warren/Associated Press

At its annual shareholder meeting, Amazon shareholders rejected all 12 of the proposals presented. Climate change was one of them, and Amazon rejected the proposal despite having more than 7,500 employees supporting the change.

Even though Amazon is doing a decent amount of work to help reduce its carbon footprint, employees believed the company’s effort wasn’t enough. The proposal requested Amazon to develop a comprehensive climate-change plan for the company, including setting emissions-cut goals, and reducing its dependency on fossil fuels, reports Vox. 

Amazon argued that the company’s already doing a lot to help reduce its carbon footprint, with projects like Shipment Zero which aims to have 50% of its shipments net-zero carbon by 2030. The company also plans to disclose its carbon footprint later this year. But that doesn’t change the fact at all that it continues to rely heavily on fossil fuels.

Employees actually wanted Amazon to eventually move to 100% renewable energy — not only for shipping all the millions of orders but for the entire company and its supply chains. For a company like Amazon, that’s a big ask that will take years to achieve. And that would be fine in the longer run, but considering Amazon isn’t even willing to start developing a climate-change plan right now is simply disappointing for a company that’s worth nearly a trillion dollar.

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