Amazon Working on Wearable Capable of Reading Human Emotions

Posted on May 23, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Amazon with 2 Comments

Thinking About Amazon

Amazon is reportedly working on a new type of device powered by Alexa. Bloomberg is reporting that the company is working on a new device that will allow Alexa to read human emotions.

The publication has allegedly reviewed internal documents about the new product, described as a health and wellness product. It will be able to recognize human emotions, though it’s not clear exactly how it will use that data. The project, codenamed Dylan, will work with a smartphone app and the device itself has microphones paired with the software that is able to detect the wearer’s emotion from their voice.

Bloomberg says it isn’t sure how far along the project is, or if it will ever make it to the public. The team behind popular Amazon products like the Echo smart speakers, Kindle, and even the Fire phone is working with the Alexa team on the new device. Both the teams have worked before for some of Amazon’s most successful hardware, and this new wearable could take things a step further.

Amazon is believed to be working on a beta testing program for the new project as well.

Amazon has lately been working on bringing Alexa to more and more devices, including things like a clock and ovens. It’s also working on Alexa-powered earphones akin to the Apple AirPods.

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