Twitch Now Lets Streamers Create Subscriber-Only Streams

Posted on June 27, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Amazon with 0 Comments

Amazon-owned Twitch is opening up new ways for streamers to make money on the platform. The company is launching a new feature called Subscriber Streams that will allow streamers to make more money off their viewers.

Subscriber Streams are almost like exclusive streams available only to the biggest fans of streamers. So if you are a fan of a streamer and you have a subscription to their account, you will be able to watch these subscriber-only streams whenever you want. Subscriber-only streams are also available to VIPs and Mods.

And if you aren’t subscribed to a streamer when they are doing a Subscriber Stream, you will get to enjoy a preview of the subscriber-only stream, and if you want to keep watching, you will have to subscribe to that streamer.

Subscriber Streams are available for any subscriber tier, and it also applies to your Twitch Prime subscription. And for streamers to be part of Subscriber Streams, they need to be a Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner, with at least 90 unique days of broadcasting record and no violation of the Twitch community Guidelines in the last 90 unique broadcast days. Twitch wants to keep Subscriber Streams safe, so the requirements here are very clear.

Subscriber Streams are launching in beta today, and it seems like a very cool way of encouraging viewers to support their favorite streamers, whilst allowing both Twitch and the streamers to make more money.

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