Amazon Working on High-End Echo to Compete With Apple HomePod

Posted on July 12, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Amazon with 12 Comments

Amazon is reportedly working on a powerful new Echo speaker that will allow the company to get into the premium sound market. Bloomberg is reporting that Amazon is building a new Echo that will offer premium sound.

The new device will compete with the likes of Apple’s HomePod, Google Home Max, and Sonos One. Although Amazon’s regular Echo and Echo Plus speakers do offer decent sound, they are nowhere near the upper end of the market. People have been asking for an Echo with better sound quality for a long while, and Amazon might finally deliver on those needs.

The new device is being built by Amazon’s research and development arm Lab126, and it apparently features at least four tweeters. It’s also wider than the current Echo in terms of design, which makes sense because it will include a lot more components that aren’t seen on the regular Echos.

Amazon will also introduce a new Hi-Fi option for Amazon Music which will work well with this new premium Echo. It’s unclear exactly when Amazon plans to introduce the new Echo, but we will probably see it sometime this Fall, which is when the company is also expected to introduce minor updates for the rest of the Echo line.

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Comments (12)

12 responses to “Amazon Working on High-End Echo to Compete With Apple HomePod”

  1. Lordbaal

    There are not competing with the HomePod. The HomePod lost the smart speaker battle before it even com out.

    Even the Harman Kardon Invoke is better then the HomePod

    • Stooks

      In reply to Lordbaal:

      Lol, I have not doubt for every Harman Kardon Invoke sold Apple sells a 1000 Home Pod's.

      If you are a Apple music subscriber/Apple eco system kind of person the Home Pod is a great sounding device.

      Is it a failure, maybe compared to the others because "Echo's" success is usually using all models of which I have no doubt 80+% are the dots, basically given away during the holidays. Same for the Google junk.

      Compare equally quality devices and I bet the Home Pod sales are right up there with the Google Max or whatever they are calling it (if they did not cancel it) and whatever the best Amazon device is, in terms of Audio.

      Also Apple is winning the privacy wars big time. Just last week Amazon was in the news because they listen to your conversations.....yet again. This week Google. People are getting sick of this stuff.

  2. dontbe evil

    How is possible to build something to COMPETE with something that didn't sell?

    ah right it's our local apple fanboy blogger

  3. Bats

    Dude, even the article you cite on Bloomberg states, "The HomePod isn’t selling as well as Apple expected,....."

    How is that competing with Homepod? (LOL)

    • BrianEricFord

      In reply to Bats:

      How much money off of what profit margin did Amazon earn selling high end wireless speakers up to now?

      Lets assume Apple made millions via a high profit margin selling homepods.

      Did you go to school and if so did they fail to teach you that Amazon entering that market to make ... more than nothing ... is the very definition of competing in a market against Apple, which makes what any non-Apple company would probably love to make selling HomePod?

  4. Stooks

    Amazon and Google could be giving this stuff away and I would not touch it. Sales people over the holidays sent me Echo dots, I just gave them to my employees.

    Amazon for me, is in the same bucket as Google, Facebook and twitter when it comes to data collection and privacy. Amazon Prime has gotten worse and worse and the price keeps going up.

  5. glenn8878

    Shouldn't a high end bluetooth speaker system have 2 speakers for stereo sound? I don't get why the vast majority of bluetooth speaks are monotone with one speaker.

  6. jim_vernon

    I thought the Echo+ was their premium audio solution...