Amazon Launches First Battery-powered Portable Echo Speaker

Posted on December 4, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Amazon with 6 Comments

Amazon is launching a brand-new Echo speaker today. Amazon already as a wide range of Echo devices under its own brand, but it’s now adding another new device to the list: the new Echo Input Portable speaker.

The new device is designed exclusively for India, and it’s also the first battery-powered Echo device from Amazon.

Amazon’s new Echo Input Portable speaker comes with a 4,800mAh battery inside, which can offer up to 10 hours of continuous music playback and up to 11 hours of standby life, according to Amazon. The device features a design covered by fabric that we have come to see on other Echo devices, but it also includes four battery indicator lights.

In terms of general features, the device will offer a similar experience to the other Echo devices. The only differentiating factor here is the built-in battery, allowing the device to be portable. Sonos recently launched a similar device, but the company’s Sonos Move is way more powerful than Amazon’s first battery-powered Echo.

“Portability has been one of the most requested features in India. You want to be able to carry Alexa with you from room to room within your homes. So we have designed something just for you.” said Miriam Daniel, VP of Alexa Devices. TechCrunch reports that Amazon is planning to bring the new speaker to other markets in the future, but it’s launching in India today for 5,999 Indian rupees, which is roughly around $84. There’s an introductory price, though — so if you buy the new device now, you can get it for 1,000 rupees less, at 4,999 or around $70.

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