Amazon Might Start Making Ring Smart Lights

Posted on December 9, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Amazon, Smart Home with 2 Comments

Amazon is soon going to get into smart light bulbs with a new Ring-branded smart light bulb. The company has so far made a lot of smart home devices, but it is surprisingly yet to make its own branded smart light bulbs.

Instead, Amazon let other companies like Philips Hue dominate the market, and considering smart lights are so integral to a smart home, it’s been surprising to see Amazon not doing anything to enter the market. And that might change soon.

Tech writer Dave Zatz recently noticed a patent from Amazon-owned Ring for a smart lightbulb (via The Verge). The new smart lightbulb from Ring will be Amazon’s first official entry to the smart light bulb market, allowing it to compete with the offerings from Philips. Amazon did announce the Echo Glow smart lamp recently, though that’s entirely different from a regular, smart light bulb.

We don’t know much about these new bulbs from Ring, and the patent only gives us a small hint about the design of the bulbs. In terms of functionality, it’s possible the smart bulbs could include a built-in motion detecting system as well as the usual smart light features. Ring has made floodlights and path lights with integrate motion sensors in the past, so those features could make it to the new bulbs as well. Or the company could take the easier route and make simple, run-of-the-mill smart bulbs that we have seen from Phillips and some other smart home companies.

For now, it’s a little too early to tell till Amazon makes it official.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Amazon Might Start Making Ring Smart Lights”

  1. gregsedwards

    A light "ring"? Wouldn't that be a "halo?"

  2. codymesh

    why does Big Tech feel the need to enter every single market?