Amazon Launches Glow for Kids

Posted on March 30, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Amazon, Hardware with 0 Comments

Amazon Glow, a new mobile station allowing kids to connect to remote family members, is now available in the US. It’s a curious-looking device, combining a built-in 8” screen for video calls, and a projector that can create a 19-inch touch-sensitive space for shared activities. 

Adults can interact with kids using a Glow device via the free Glow app on their existing mobile device. The Amazon Glow comes with one year of Amazon Kids+, a subscription providing access to hundreds of games, books, and other activities that kids and remote family members can enjoy together. 

“Through Amazon Kids+, kids can connect to remote loved ones on a Glow video call to play games, solve puzzles, create art projects, read books, and explore new digital adventures together. Glow blends the physical and digital worlds, creating an experience that feels like sitting side-by-side, and is designed to foster quality interactive time between children and loving adults,” Amazon explained.

Amazon believes that its new Glow device is well-suited for parents who travel regularly. Adults only need the Glow app on a smartphone or a tablet to set up video calls with their kids and enjoy Amazon Kids+ content with them. “Many games and activities on Glow are also designed for siblings in the same house to play side-by-side or on their own if a remote family member is not available to connect on Glow,” Amazon explained.

The Amazon Glow is priced at $299.99 in the US. Each purchase comes with 1 year of Amazon Kids+, a subscription service currently priced at $2.99 per month. It’s also worth mentioning that the Amazon Glow isn’t Alexa-enabled, and that parents can also disable cameras and microphones on the device at any time by simply closing the visible privacy shutter.

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