Amazon Will Offer ‘Buy with Prime’ Benefits at Other Retailers

Amazon announced today that it will soon let Prime subscribers enjoy their Prime shopping benefits at other retailers. The new ‘Buy with Prime’ program will launch with a limited number of US online merchants which will offer a seamless checkout experience, fast and free shipping, as well as free returns thanks to Amazon’s Prime logistics infrastructure. 

Merchants who opt to support Buy with Prime will be allowed to display the Prime logo and expected delivery dates on their products eligible for Prime delivery. Amazon says that the cost of using Buy with Prime for retailers will depend on multiple factors including product dimensions and weight, average selling price, and number of units per Buy with Prime order.

“Buy with Prime will initially be available by invitation only for merchants using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). These merchants can add Buy with Prime to their online store within minutes, because their inventory is already stored in Amazon fulfillment centers,” the company explained today. “Once live, merchants will receive shopper order information, including email addresses, which they can use to provide excellent customer service, and build direct relationships with shoppers.”

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers with an excellent logistics network, and the company already has over 200 million subscribers for its Prime service, which also includes various perks including Amazon Prime Video and ad-free music. Buy with Prime is certainly going to add more value to Amazon Prime, but it also should make carriers like UPS and FedEx worried. Dave Clark, Amazon’s CEO of worldwide consumer told CNBC last year that the company was on track to become the US’ largest delivery service by early 2022.

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Conversation 2 comments

  • dftf

    21 April, 2022 - 11:47 am

    <p>So essentially with this you can go to a random retailers website, and during the checkout-process there will be a "Buy with Prime" option that then despatches the goods from Amazon’s warehouses?</p><p><br></p><p>Given you will have to sign-into your <em>Amazon </em>account to checkout this way, I’m struggling to see the difference between doing it this way, or the retailer simply having a "Buy on Amazon" button which then takes you to that item for-sale on the <em>Amazon</em> website?</p><p><br></p><p>Let’s compare with similar options. "Checkout with PayPal" means retailers don’t have to handle the payments directly, and for customers you don’t need to create an account with the retailer (in some cases, via "Checkout as Guest"), and you don’t have to give your card-details to unknown companies. Similarly, "Login with Facebook" means you don’t have to create an account on a site directly.</p><p><br></p><p>However here I fail to see the point… why not just buy the item directly on the <em>Amazon</em> site than bother signing-up to a third-party website only to have the item ship from <em>Amazon</em> that-way?</p>

  • pdhemsley

    Premium Member
    21 April, 2022 - 2:24 pm

    <p>Because when you get to the Amazon site you spot a “people also bought” advert and end up buying a competitor’s product. </p>


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