iTunes Finally Arrives in the Microsoft Store

Posted on April 26, 2018 by Brad Sams in Apple, Windows, Windows 10 with 46 Comments

Last year, when it was announced that iTunes was coming to the Microsoft Store, it was caught many long-time Microsoft followers by surprise. While the app was supposed to arrive before the end of 2017, the apps is now available for download starting today.

You can download the app here but know that it will remove your previous install of iTunes. This is a very similar experience to how Spotify operated when it first arrived in the store.

This is a big step for Microsoft as iTunes was listed as one of the primary apps keeping users from moving to the S-mode environment. To little surprise, the other key app missing is Google’s Chrome browser but don’t hold your breath anytime soon for that app to show up.

With Apple’s software now showing up in the Microsoft Store, this is a big step to validating the store model with Windows 10. Even though iTunes may not be the most loved software on the planet, there is no question that it is popular as it is one of the primary ways to manage all of your iOS devices.

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