iTunes Finally Arrives in the Microsoft Store

Posted on April 26, 2018 by Brad Sams in Apple, Windows, Windows 10 with 46 Comments

Last year, when it was announced that iTunes was coming to the Microsoft Store, it was caught many long-time Microsoft followers by surprise. While the app was supposed to arrive before the end of 2017, the apps is now available for download starting today.

You can download the app here but know that it will remove your previous install of iTunes. This is a very similar experience to how Spotify operated when it first arrived in the store.

This is a big step for Microsoft as iTunes was listed as one of the primary apps keeping users from moving to the S-mode environment. To little surprise, the other key app missing is Google’s Chrome browser but don’t hold your breath anytime soon for that app to show up.

With Apple’s software now showing up in the Microsoft Store, this is a big step to validating the store model with Windows 10. Even though iTunes may not be the most loved software on the planet, there is no question that it is popular as it is one of the primary ways to manage all of your iOS devices.

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Comments (46)

46 responses to “iTunes Finally Arrives in the Microsoft Store”

  1. tom_james

    "Approximate Size: 476.7 MB" - Wow! Filled to the brim with state-of-the-art working code that will be highly responsive, right...?

  2. dontbe evil

    iTunes is crap

  3. mrdrwest

    With extreme prejudice, it's junk.

  4. robincapper

    This is just a "where is 1803?" diversion :)

  5. harmjr

    And the world will never be the same again...

  6. SWCetacean

    The nice thing about iTunes, or Apple-provided music in general, is that it's very good quality. I use an audio spectrum visualizer to inspect the music that I buy, and though I haven't used iTunes since I stopped using my iPod Touch 3rd gen, the .m4a music files I got from iTunes are still higher quality than the .mp3 files I buy from Amazon Music today. If this Windows Store version allows me to buy music from iTunes without installing QuickTime, Bonjour, and all that other stuff that desktop iTunes needs, I might use it just so that I can buy high-quality music.

    Of course, the best would be for Apple to allow people to buy music without installing iTunes, but I don't think they've done that yet. At least Amazon allows you to directly download the songs that you buy from them.

    • William Clark

      In reply to SWCetacean: You do't need iTunes any more to download or buy songs. You can do that directly from your iPhone. You do need it if you want to purchase songs from your PC but from the phone or tablet you can just use the music app.

  7. Redbreva

    At least it installed for some of you - I just get a 0x80D02017 error and a failed to install message! Anyone know the version number of the Store ITunes (Desk version

  8. wright_is

    iTunes for Windows still exists? I haven't used it in over a decade. It used to be such a resource hog and so unstable, I just gave up and went back to MusicMatch Jukebox.

  9. roastedwookie

    ...useless move. If MS thinks that this app will make users use that pathetic S-Mode, they are more stupid than I thought.

    Either way, I will still use the app as before, classic installer...not interested in the store.

  10. Tony Barrett

    It's very likely just the win32 version in a UWP wrapper. No way Apple would have re-written it entirely for UWP. Despite this, iTunes is still a software abomination, and without a doubt one of the most horrible applications ever written. I'm sure MS don't care though - it will be a small light for them in their otherwise barren app store. Not that it will make much difference in the end though - UWP will give way to PWA and slowly die.

    • Lauren Glenn

      In reply to ghostrider:

      If you use iTunes for anything other than 3rd party apps linking into it, there really doesn't seem to be any reason not to upgrade to this. If you hated playing back videos in iTunes because it constantly dropped frames and slowed your computer to a crawl while doing it, this version really takes care of that. Plus, it even still syncs to your old iPod Classic (if you have one). Not happy about 3rd party apps not being able to link to it anymore, but I hope they'll update so that they can.

  11. MarkPow

    Windows is saved!

  12. IanYates82

    I don't need this for me but see it as important for the platform.

    I'm curious about whether or not Microsoft gets a cut of purchases made through iTunes, similar to how Apple take a cut from subscriptions to Office 365 bought from within the app on iPhone / ipad. If I buy an Apple Music subscription, or purchase a movie, does Microsoft get some of that?

    I personally think the 30% cut was far too high when it was first introduced but it seems entrenched now unfortunately. Sure, there's value in the store doing its thing, but it's more a fee Apple, and Google, can charge just because they can.

    I'm surprised Google hasn't done something like only taking 25% (still too high) on the condition that developers pass on half of the 5% saving. Or even just shame devs into doi G so (to get around possible EU concerns about market power abuse). Apps would be cheaper on the Play store than on the App Store. You think that'd be an easy win but would hit Apple pretty hard.

    Of course, if Microsoft tried it, it wouldn't help anyway ?

  13. pachi

    Installed and Uninstalled and I think it actually removed everything. very nice.

  14. Kudupa

    Im more interested in Apple music coming to the store. That would offset the loss of Groove. I know there is spotify but options wont hurt.

  15. Patrick3D

    I will give it a try when I get home, i'm curious to see if it works any better than the current desktop version or if it's just the same old crud but installed from a different source.

    • Patrick3D

      In reply to Patrick3D:

      So, it seems there are a few differences, the biggest being that the Microsoft Store version does not install all of the services bloat that the desktop iTunes version does. No bonjour, no iPod helper, no Apple Software Updater, etc... It's just the main application and that's it (that I've seen.) The main application still has the atrocious interface of the desktop version but it loads a little faster (just a little.)

  16. Brazbit

    It's the hottest day of the year so far, and this explains why the ground suddenly got to be so cold.

  17. George Rae

    So far I'm quite happy with it. Not a resource hog at all, using less than Chrome or Edge. Bonus is it didn't install the Apple software update package, and no pop ups asking about Icloud for Windows.

  18. Eric Johnson

    only 476MB! Talk about a bloated program.

    • NazmusLabs

      In reply to Eric_Johnson:

      Well, it's not just a music player. It's a video player, Podcast feed reader and player, Audiobook player and audible player, and a digital media store. Furthermore, it is also a iOS device firmware tool, something that allows you to back up your phone and/or reinstall a firmware for your phone. It's also a remote media playback device that allows you to use your iPhone as a remote control.

      If you just want a music player, stick with groove. iTunes has a particular need that is useful for iOS users. Things like complete backup and restore Android users can only dream of.

      P.s. If anyone thinks I'm an apple fanboy, they have no idea who I am and the devices I use and will expose themselves as one who gets emotionally triggered like child. So please don't do it.

    • jrickel96

      In reply to Eric_Johnson:

      Uses less memory than Chrome.

    • Patrick3D

      In reply to Eric_Johnson:

      215MB for me, are you on 32-bit?

  19. Dan1986ist

    So, the store app seems to migrate the itunes settings from the Win32 app install and it keeps the itunes library in the Users/%UserProfile%/Music folder. However, one has to reactivate itunes after installing the store app.

  20. JMarco

    uninstalled all iTunes software apps using Apple's suggested order for uninstalling; iTunes ...iTunes support 64. then went windows store to acquire it. Windows Store install was pretty quick. iTunes opened to my last iTunes page accessed. went to authorize my laptop and itunes library recognized it as already authorized. downloaded a movie from iTunes store-very fast process, same good process for downloading a podcast. now all iTunes functions/choices are happening faster and smoother. so far this looks like a good change. will wait to see how new iTunes update go though.

  21. Chris Payne

    "...don’t hold your breath anytime soon for that app to show up"

    I think you mean "don't hold your breath for that app to show up anytime soon."