Apple Ships MacOS Mojave With Dark Mode, Productivity Improvements, More

Posted on September 24, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, Mac and macOS with 9 Comments

Apple is releasing a major update for your Mac today. The company is releasing macOS Mojave to all supported Mac devices, and it brings a bunch of new features.

macOS Mojave now has a beautiful new dark mode. It’s been a long-awaited feature, but it’s finally here. With the dark mode enabled, you will see the beautiful new look of the OS throughout the entire system, ranging from Finder to even Xcode. iMessage, Keynote, Safari, Calendar, System Preferences, and a lot of the other apps have the new dark mode, too. The dark mode is incredibly polished, and Apple has managed to beat Microsoft here without any doubt — Windows 10 had a dark theme for years, but it’s inconsistent and unpolished on many places.

Another interesting feature coming with Mojave is the new Dynamic Desktop — it’s a pretty neat feature where your wallpaper will adapt based on the time of the day. It really works best with the default Mojave wallpaper.

With the dark mode and Dynamic Desktop features aside, let’s talk about some of the important new features.

macOS Mojave comes with a ton of handy little features that will help you be more productive. There’s a new Stacks feature that will automatically arrange all the files on your desktop by file types, date, and other things. It’s a really interesting way of arranging your desktop, without actually having to manually organize things. If you are lazy like me and don’t really care much about the stuff on your desktop, this should really help organize things a tiny bit.

Finder is getting updated to include some new features — there’s a new gallery view to get a better view of your pictures or other files like PDFs, and new Quick Actions that late you markup a file, rotate a picture, trim a video, crop pictures, password-protect documents, and more without having to use a third-party app.

The screenshotting tool on macOS is getting even better with Mojave. Microsoft is just about to release its new screenshotting tool for Windows 10 later this year, but Apple’s new tool is way better from the looks of things. There’s a new bar that will help you take different types of screenshots and markup these screenshots instantly — but more importantly, it now lets you record your screen without needing a third-party tool.

There are a ton of other new updates in macOS Mojave: you can now take a picture on your iPhone and use it instantly on apps like Mail, Keynote, Notes, or Pages. There’s a new, redesigned Mac App Store, too. Apple’s even giving users greater control over their privacy with Mojave, by asking for the user’s permission when a certain app tries to access their personal data, much like it is on the iPhone.

That’s a bunch of new features for this year, but the next macOS update is going to be even bigger. You see, macOS Mojave is essentially the building block for the next generation of Mac apps. With Mojave, Apple is introducing its iOS apps like News, Stocks, Home, and Voice Memos on the Mac. And in 2019, developers will be able to adapt their existing iOS apps to work on the Mac and distribute them through the Mac App Store. It’s no different from Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform, though it’s certainly a lot more exciting.

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