Apple Event Scheduled for 10/30, New iPads Expected

Posted on October 18, 2018 by Brad Sams in Apple with 15 Comments

Apple iPad Pro (2017) Preview

Apple has sent out invites for their second fall event and it will be taking place later this month on 10/30. Unlike the last event which Apple held on its campus, this time around they are headed to Brooklyn for the keynote.

Apple is expected to announce new iPads, there are also rumors of updated laptops as well. Specifically, the MacBook Air is expected to be refreshed at this event. Also, there may be new AirPods but we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer to find out what the company has planned.

Apple is hosting the keynote at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City; the image above is of the current-gen iPad Pro that should be significantly updated.

I’ll be curious to see if Apple makes any mention of their Air Power wireless charger that has been delayed and was not talked about at all at the iPhone event. As always, we will be covering the event and keep you posted on what’s coming down the pipeline.

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Comments (15)

15 responses to “Apple Event Scheduled for 10/30, New iPads Expected”

  1. Illusive_Man

    Beautiful OS and devices.

  2. m_p_w_84

    I'd really like to see some Apple (NOT, and I repeat NOT Beats) branded noise cancelling over-ear headphones like the new MS ones (but more attractive).

  3. hdeditor

    The 1% of us ask: updated iPod?

  4. provision l-3

    Given the location I'm guessing there is also going to be an education tie in for whatever the announcement is (NYC school district getting iPads?). Seems similar to what they did in Chicago earlier this year.

  5. skborders

    My guess is they will be priced higher if the screen is bigger. So I hope to buy the previous 10 inch iPad pro when the price drops after the release of the new ones.

  6. Daekar

    Almost no matter what they announce, this will be nothing but an "S" year for iPad. They can shrink the bezels, take away the home button, and pat themselves on the back for attracting a stripped down version of Photoshop, but at the end of the day the equation doesn't change... iPads will still form a middle ground between productivity machines and consumption devices.

    I feel like Apple devices have gotten boring. Kind of like most other devices, really.

    • dstrauss

      In reply to Daekar: That slowly growing object in the sky held no fears for the mighty dinosaurs 65,000,000 years ago either. Even Paul, the best remaining defender of Windows out there, has seen the light lately with the performance jump in the iOS devices. What is on deck (according to the Apple loving sites) is far from an S-Year iPad, and is going to cause some real hurt in the 2-in-1 plans for Windows. Today's Galaxy Book 2 announcement, save for a real file system thanks to Windows, is a shadow of what the new iPad Pros are going to deliver.

      • Daekar

        In reply to dstrauss:

        And what are they going to deliver? More power isn't enough.

        • PeterC

          In reply to Daekar:

          Well actually - more power is exactly enough, if your setting out for the ipad to be able to do more. ipads have had a historical sales point of content consumption. The ipad pro's introduction started the change to content creation. The apple A series of chips being designed and built around iOS clearly outperform Qualcomm's offerings already and likely going forward for some time. Qualcomm get even next year but only in chip designs with more power consumption and for devices more akin to traditional PC form factors. So apple are now moving the ipad pro into a content creation scenario, using less power, being more portable with excellent graphics - compared to its competitors who are still predomitaely laptop/desktop orientated. History will likely see this as Intel's true failure, more than MS or others.

          I am not a fanboy. But I applaud the senior management vision to invest heavily in their own chip designs to give them leading edge going forward - they're a company built on hardware sales and they've delivered the tech to continue to do so for alot longer - more than most people have appreciated in recent years.

          Whilst many journo's and critics saw apple stagnating with S type revisions and high prices - they were investing on their next-gen product offering built on their chip designs.

          It would appear Nadella was retrenching and cutting hardware investments to focus on enterprise/software whilst apple were ramping up hardware investments to create new product categories. hmmm that's a different narrative than we've been led to believe.

          • Daekar

            In reply to PeterC:

            So... I can't agree. I mean, their hardware was already remarkable, with the best chips on the market and the most responsive UI in almost every case. I have never picked up a modern iOS device and had performance be the thing that made me put it down, no matter what I was trying to do. Having twice the performance on an iPad will not make it an appropriate substitute for a laptop or desktop when the thing holding the iPad back is not the power. The human-interface situation for tablets is what's holding them back more than anything, not the power.

            Now, if Apple added mouse support, better multi-tasking, and a keyboard that wasn't terrible...

            • PeterC

              In reply to Daekar:

              Im not in the know so to speak, but I suspect your wish will be granted regarding mouse and keyboard, or similar control mechanism. Would make sense.

  7. Michael_Miller

    Apple consumer oriented devices are top notch, albeit very expensive. Their 'rinse and repeat' product strategy is enviable for all including MS.

    • Illusive_Man

      In reply to Michael_Miller:

      Exactly why you buy from the previous gens. Apple has superior hardware, the software doesn't bog down, and they have great resale value. Instead of a bleeding edge MacBook 2018 get a late 2015 Retina just as well and has a better keyboard. Instead of a Iphone X get an Iphone 7 plus...still works great.

  8. gardner

    I am going to continue to cross my fingers for Mac Mini / ARM seeding to developers to get ARM work rolling, then the real MacBook announcements at WWDC 2019. If Intel is indeed on its way out according to rumors (and common sense), wouldn't a Mac Mini in an Apple TV form factor be an interesting product?

    Especially if it also supported Bootcamp and Windows 10/ARM

  9. lahuban

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